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a flat wing-shaped process or winglike part of an organism

a wing of an insect

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ALA [euro][logical not]ALA@[euro]A ALAn [euro][euro]*[euro]A [euro][cedilla][euro][umlaut] [euro][logical not][euro][euro]1/4ALA [euro][umlaut] [euro]*ALAn[euro] [euro][euro]A ALA?
3]ALA ALA [euro]A ALAN[euro]* ALA [euro]*[euro]A ALAc[euro]ALAo[euro][sup.
ALA, Italian specialist in distribution, logistics and service provision for the aerospace industry, will trade as ALA - Advanced Logistics for Aerospace as its global brand name.
The ALA UPBMS is intended to foster the advancement of the legal management profession by facilitating efforts to:
Because ALA is essential, meaning the body can only obtain it through diet, the National Academy of Science recommends adult males consume 1.
In addition to the B350, which was initially brought by the government for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes, Ala used a Cessna jet worth between $13-15 million after his resignation, Ceyhan claimed.
Since ALA is unstable, it may have oxidized during storage, leading to the formation of potentially deleterious compounds.
Half of the 20 patients were randomly assigned ALA incubation times of 15 minutes, while the other half underwent 30-minute incubations.
Her past activities include serving as a member of the ALA Executive Board (2009-2012) and ALA Councilor-at-large (2008-11, 2012-15), as well as the Awards Committee (2012-14), the Planning and Budget Assembly (2012-14) and the ALA-APA Fundraising Committee (20122013).
Gonzalez has been elected treasurer of ALA for 2013-2016.
A meta-analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that every additional ingested gram of ALA was associated with a 10% lower risk of death from coronary heart disease.
The association between the two companies will see ALA becoming EMS' exclusive 'adventure travel partner and purveyor.
The ALA also voiced several criticisms in the statement.
The total symptom score TSS) (pain, burning, paresthesia, and numbness) in the feet decreased significantly from baseline to day 19 in ALA 1,200 and ALA 600 vs.