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a terrorist group formed in India in 1992

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Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], Jan 5 ( ANI ): The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Friday arrested the key accused in the 24-year- old RSS Madras headquarters bomb blast by al-Ummah that claimed 11 lives.
Not much has been said about the Qa'qa rocket, but the earliest mention of it was with Jaysh al-Ummah. Tensions between the former rebel group and the FSA already ran high, but in March Jaysh al-Ummah surrendered and defected to the Syrian Arab Army.
Adnan Abu Amer is dean of the faculty of arts and a professor of political science at Al-Ummah University in Gaza.
"A clarification about the mistake was made by "Uyun al-Ummah" account, that has published the video before the official time.
'Abd Allah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, "Ila hal ballaghat: 'an mubadarah al-ummah," February 2, 2014, available at
Abdel Halim Qandil, editor-in-chief of the independent Sawt al-Ummah daily, sees the media's united front as a normal response to the country's "national battle".
Islam describes its community as a society of the middle way (Al-Ummah Al-Wasat), a religion of moderation in everything except the love and worship of God.
Jaysh Al-Ummah, "Army of the Nation," endorses al-Qaeda ideology.
Al-Ummah Halal Poultry, a chicken processing firm, yesterday pleaded guilty at Wakefield Magistrates' Court.
8 when the group, called Jaysh al-Ummah, called for Hamas to release Abu Hafs, who was detained in the previous week after an armed training session in the Gaza Strip.
This initiative from Orange Fixed comes also to trigger other internet providers in the Kingdom to reduce their prices in order to contribute in spreading the internet culture and increasing its subscribers' base which as a result will reflect positively in developing and moving the ICT sector forward.Sawt al-Ummah honors Marwan AwadUnder the patronage of Lower House SpeakerAbdul Hadi Majali, and on the occasion of HM King Abdullah II's birthday, Sawt al-Ummah newspaper honored Marwan Awad, CEO and GM of Jordan Ahli Bank during "Malik al-Injaz" Forum, which was organized by the newspaper and sponsored by the Bank.
The Arabic-language al-Watan daily quoted Khalid al-Faraj, the Commander of Tajamo Towhid al-Ummah affiliated to the US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA), as saying that the terrorist groups are preparing for an imminent large-scale operation against the Syrian Army troops in Dara'a to further assist their militant comrades that are under heavy attacks by the Syrian army men in Eastern Ghouta.
Takfiri terrorist organizations, among them Jaish al-Islam "Islam Army" and al-Ummah Army which have foreign mercenaries in their ranks are active in Douma area in Eastern Ghouta.
Another blast that took place in Bangalore was the handiwork of some misguided fundamentalist youth and remnants of Al-Ummah," he added.
According to the Tamil Nadu police the duo belongs to a fundamentalist organisation Al-Ummah and could be linked to the murder of state BJP secretary Auditor Ramesh who was killed in July last in Salem.