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At Halliford I had al- ready come to hate the curate's trick of helpless exclamation, his stupid rigidity of mind.
That night, as we lurked in the scullery, balanced between our horror and the terrible fascination this peeping had, al- though I felt an urgent need of action I tried in vain to conceive some plan of escape; but afterwards, during the second day, I was able to consider our position with great clearness.
Al- most instantly they were shut utterly from the youth's sight by the smoke from the energetic rifles of his companions.
Then his eyes wavered, all his ex- pression changed, and in a voice unusually gentle, al- most coaxingly:
Here and there in the distance, above the crowded mob of low, brown roof ridges, towered great piles of masonry, King's Palace, temples, gorgeous and dilapidated, crumbling under the vertical sunlight, tremendous, overpowering, al- most palpable, which seemed to enter one's breast with the breath of one's nostrils and soak into one's limbs through every pore of one's skin.