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The author has thus brought the fundamental problem of the unity of geometry to this logico-philosophical discipline of the analysis and the synthesis, inaugurating in this way an entire tradition that can be traced throughout the tenth century all the way to the algebraist al- Samawbal in the twelfth century.
Shubbar, Hasan, al- 'Amal al-Hizbi ft al-'Iraq: Tarikh al-'Iraq al-Siyasi al-Mu'asir vol.
In a cabaret in Rabbat we saw the bottles empty and the bottles were twenty, and empty in the evening and empty are the women eyes and empty are all those bottles ("Hiwar ma'a al- Akhdhar bin Yusuf"), (A Dialogue with al- Akhdar Bin Yusuf), (Al-'Amal al-Kamila, 101)(8)
Ghazoul, "Al-Riwaiya al-Sufiyya Fi al-Adab al- Maghribi," [The Sufi Novel In the Maghrib] ALIF, 17(1997), pp.
Despite al-Faqih's subtle criticism of Libyan politics, and his disillusionment with Pan-Arab politics, he has served as a Libyan diplomat, and wrote an epilogue to Qaddafi's collection of short stories, Al-Qariyya al- Qariyya, al-Ard al-Ard Wa Intihar Raid al-Fada, [The Village the Village, the Land the Land, and the Suicide of an Astronaut] Zawiyya: Mataba al-Wahda al-Arabiyya, 1993.