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Synonyms for akvavit

Scandinavian liquor usually flavored with caraway seeds

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39 Which plant's seeds make up the main flavouring of the Scandinavian distilled drink akvavit?
The drinks of choice are cold beer and/or iced akvavit. * It was all lovely and appealing, yet I found myself wondering: this is what the Danish want the rest of the world to know about their cuisine?
The Sundsvall plant produces traditional Swedish brands such as Skane Akvavit, Gronstedts Cognac and Explorer, and has 80 employees.
It has some great restaurants, including the Swedishowned Akvavit, with posh nosh and unique style.
The schedule is as follows: Thursday, May 2: "Cups of Wrath and Legua's Gynecologist" by Chilean writer Romon Griffero; May 7: "Goliath," by Norwegian writer Maria Tryti Vennerod in cooperation with Akvavit Theatre; May 9: "The Stranger and the Peephole" by Egyptian writer Alfred Farag.
* Akvavit Theatre, a company that showcases plays by Nordic writers, presents Rising Temperatures.
Akvavit Theatre presents "Internalized Theory of Love" by Finnish writer Vera Kiiskinen on Tuesday, May 15.
* Akvavit Theatre hosts a benefit concert at 8 p.m.