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Scandinavian liquor usually flavored with caraway seeds

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Sweden's beaches nudge up towards the Arctic Circle in the upper reaches of the Gulf of Bothnia, but for practical purposes the ones where you'll want to kick back, sunbathe and drink akvavit, can be found in the large U-bend of coastline that connects Gothenberg in the west with Stockholm in the east.
Nils Oscar was founded by Swedish entrepreneur Karl-David Sundberg in 1996 and produces a range of 10 beers as well as distilling vodka and akvavit.
The drinks of choice are cold beer and/or iced akvavit.
The Sundsvall plant produces traditional Swedish brands such as Skane Akvavit, Gronstedts Cognac and Explorer, and has 80 employees.
5 in a row akvavit Amman ananke awayness awkward axman banana banyan Boltzmann bonanza Brazzaville brinkmanship Canaan caravan Cayman Chinaman cinnamyl cockamamie Cyanamid didynamy drayman enzymatic flyaway Havana haymaker Hazzan hogmanay holidaymaker hootenanny junkman Kamaaina katakana kayak lawmaker lawman layman linkman Mahayana mamma mammal mammary mammate mammy manakin manmade manna manward Mayan Maynard mazzard nanny navvy nonnaval Panama pavanne paxwax pizzazz Pollyanna razzmatazz Rockaway runaway sannyasi Santayana skyman skywave skyway snazzy stowaway Sunnyvale swanky tanaka Tananarive Tanzania taxman throwaway tokamak towaway tramway trunkway twanky unawakened unmanageable unmanned unmannerliness vanward wakanda walkaway walkaways wayward Wyman zanza
Anderson, Explorer, Skane Akvavit and Chill Out have a strong market position and a long heritage we want to cherish.
It has some great restaurants, including the Swedishowned Akvavit, with posh nosh and unique style.