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the condition of being unable or unwilling to speak

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One study reported a potential correlation between hyperintense lesions in the occipital cortex on DWI and shorter time between symptom onset and akinetic mutism [38].
A diagnosis of probable CJD requires rapidly progressive dementia, and two of four of myoclonus, visual or cerebellar symptoms, pyramidal/extrapyramidal symptoms, or akinetic mutism and a positive result on a supporting test (EEG, 14-3-3, or MRI) [14,15].
Most patients deteriorate swiftly to a state of akinetic mutism. The mean duration of illness is around 4.5 months [3].
Keywords: Akinetic mutism, bilateral anterior cerebral artery territory infarct, epileptic seizure
Akinetic Mutism. AM is a condition characterized by diminished neurologic drive with a decrease in nearly all motor functions including facial expression, gestures, and speech output but with some degree of alertness and intact spontaneous visual tracking [20].
Seven months after the fall, he entered a state of akinetic mutism; he died 9 months after symptom onset.
About 6 months prior to the index hospital admission, her motor function and activities of daily living became disturbed, with gait abnormality that confined her to a wheelchair and she was mentally dull with akinetic mutism. Her feeding was poor and she became incontinent of urine.
She was pulled from the water but had been in a condition known as akinetic mutism until her death.
She has been in a state of akinetic mutism for 19 years, after nearly drowning at the age of three.
In apathy, abulia, and akinetic mutism, diminished motivation is the defining feature.
(2,3) The presence of neurologic features, specifically myoclonus, akinetic mutism, and visual, cerebellar, and extrapyramidal symptoms, should also be considered a red flag for the disorder (3) (Table, page 50).
Medically, NMS may appear like nonconvulsive status epilepticus, severe Parkinson's disease, locked-in syndrome, or akinetic mutism from brain injury [13].
Myoclonus, seizures, spasticity, choreoathetoid or ballistic movements, ataxia, and chorioretinitis follow in the second stage, Optic atrophy, quadriparesis, autonomic disability, akinetic mutism and coma occur in the final stage of the diseased.