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motionlessness attributable to a temporary paralysis


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Akinesia. To assess the effects of the lesion-induced akinesia, the parameters "initiation time of paw movement" and "number of adjusting steps" were recorded in the stepping test.
Abrupt loss of drug effectiveness resulting in akinesia ("off") may be followed by sudden return of effectiveness which can include dyskinesias ("on").
While akinesia is sufficiently improved with STN-DBS with low L-Dopa dosage [60-63], apathy and depression are not.
This creates a lesion that interrupts the pathway responsible for the rigidity, akinesia and tremor associated with PD.[3,8] The surgically-created lesion permanently interrupts the circuit.
They have been found to correlate with movement preparation and execution [40], akinesia [41], and the freezing of gait [42].
The major extrinsic cause for the arthrogyrposis is fetal akinesia [1] due to structural abnormality of the uterus, oligohydramnios, increased intrauterine pressure, breech presentation and defects in the fetal blood supply.
On ventriculography the left ventricular sizes were normal, akinesia at the anterior and apical portion of the left ventricle, mild mitral regurgitation were seen.
It is assumed that, in PD patients, reaching movement is limited by decreased movement of the upper limbs due to akinesia or bradykinesia, decreased flexibility due to rigidity of the four limbs and trunk, and the impairment of postural reflexes associated with these decreases.
Its complete transection causes severe motor loss to the gall bladder, results akinesia leading to dilatation of the gall bladder and stasis of bile.
The terms bradykinesia, hypokinesia, and akinesia collectively define a group of functional disturbance of voluntary movement prominently characterized by slowness [47].
(23) Medication compliance is reduced by complex treatment regimens (24) and by neuroleptic side-effects, (25) most notably akathisia (26) and akinesia. (27) Patients recently discharged from hospital may be careful with compliance, but this is likely to decline over time with the symptom relief.
Ventriculography revealed akinesia in the anterolateral and apical walls and hypokinesia in posterobasal and inferior walls with a mural thrombus in the apex (Fig.
While no consistent pattern was demonstrated between stress and akinetic and cataleptic motor behaviors, a significant negative correlation was shown between poststress latencies for catalepsy and extracellular DA concentrations, with a similar trend identified for akinesia. These findings suggest psychological stress may lead to poorer motor symptom outcomes as a consequence of lower than normal DA responsiveness in the striatum.
Fetal akinesia has been attributed to be the main precipitating factor.