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motionlessness attributable to a temporary paralysis


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In our case, clinical findings were accompanied by elevated troponin I values, newly emergent ST elevation, and akinesia in apical segments on ECHO.
Hamilton and coworkers have shown that safe, comfortable and effective analgesia and akinesia of the eye can be obtained with peribulbar block.
There are four cardinal features of PD that can be grouped under the acronym TRAP: Tremor at rest, Rigidity, Akinesia (or bradykinesia) and Postural instability [11].
Auriculopalpebral nerve block was followed for akinesia of eyelid and local infiltration around the tumor mass was opted for local analgesia.
In patients with MI, majority of ventricular clot formation occurs when there is hypo or akinesia of anterior wall.
Even if the second generation antipsychotics, compared with the first generation antipsychotics, carry a much lower risk to develop neurological symptoms, both classes can induce within hours of initiation of antipsychotic treatment, dystonic reactions, including torticollis, oculogyric crisis (upward deviation of the eyes) and lifethreatening laryngospasm, or after weeks of treatment they can induce rigidity, akinesia, bradykinesia, tremor and akathisia, symptoms that are collectively known as "extrapyramidal side-effects".
Because the ability to turn in bed can be dopamine responsive, physicians have the option of adjusting dopaminergic medications to improve nocturnal akinesia once identified [46-47].
The provider can select individual intravenous agents and concentrations that address analgesia, amnesia, and akinesia with reduced detriment to the patient's hemodynamic stability.
It is assumed that, in PD patients, reaching movement is limited by decreased movement of the upper limbs due to akinesia or bradykinesia, decreased flexibility due to rigidity of the four limbs and trunk, and the impairment of postural reflexes associated with these decreases.
As PD progresses, there is a gradual increase in the severity of motor dysfunction (including resting tremor, akinesia, bradykinesia, and rigidity indicating impaired coordination of the motor cortex and cerebellum) [19].
My experience is that many newly trained psychiatrists do not understand that prescribing meds to prevent the side effects of akathasia, dystonia, or akinesia probably can be stopped after a patient is on antipsychotics for a month or two or that anticholinergic meds halve the blood level of most antipsychotics, and I have inherited patients from other psychiatrists who have had these patients on anticholinergic medications for decades.
16, 75) It is thought to be due to fetal akinesia, i.
A case of systemic lupus erythematosus with akinesia, muscle rigidity and neurogenic bladder.
When used on specific nerve pathways, effects such as anaesthesia (lack of feeling), analgesia (without pain) and akinesia (without movement) can occur.