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a cell without a nucleus (as an erythrocyte)

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The elaboration however is restricted to the few molecular and cellular structures that are analyzed, out of thousands that populate the akaryotic and eukaryotic cells.
Organisms that were being sequenced shared very few gene sequences, and more troublingly, gene trees that were generated possessed different topologies, especially within akaryotic organisms.
The relatively lower median f-values in akaryotes (0.6 for Archaea and 0.74 for Bacteria versus 0.90 in Eukarya) can be explained by genome reduction events that are known to occur with relatively high frequency in akaryotic microbes [26, 42], and also manifest in the numbers of superkingdom-specific traits (Figure 2).
However, as explained previously, this [GO.sub.TMF] term was an outlier in the AB taxonomic group (boxplot for AB in Figure 3(b)) and most likely represented a lateral acquisition event that occurred between akaryotic microbes.
The exercise further strengthened the hypothesis that eukaryotes persist by fostering functional complexity while akaryotic microbes foster economy.