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a cell without a nucleus (as an erythrocyte)

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We note that in these studies an ultrametric tree of akaryotes was recovered from vertical signal in a supertree of nearly universal genes.
While it is popularly accepted that the ToL based on sequence phylogenies is rooted in the akaryotes and that Archaea and Eukarya are sister groups to each other, only two of the three main steps of phylogenetic analysis [104] have been partially fulfilled with sequences.
Venn diagrams demonstrate the evolutionary sorting of FSF and GO traits in the seven possible and mutually exclusive Venn taxonomic groups, ABE (i.e., present in all three superkingdoms), AB (present only in akaryotes), BE (present only in Bacteria and Eukarya), AE (present only in Archaea and Eukarya), and the three superkingdom-specific groups, A, B, and E (Figure 2).
The number of traits in the AB, AE, and BE taxonomic groups is therefore indicative of the strength of evolutionary association between akaryotes, Archaea and Eukarya, and Bacteria and Eukarya, respectively.
Akaryotes compensated this loss by adapting to harsh environments and enjoying rapid growth cycles, possibly under pressure from cellular raptors and RNA viruses [59].