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the capital and largest city of Ghana with a deep-water port

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The most common term for mine in the classical texts is akara (from the verb a -silo, meaning something like a place of scattering, or a place where things are scattered or lying around.
This text is unique in that it uses both terms a substantial number of time, certainly more than any other ancient Indian text: khani 24 times and akara 12 times.
sa, we get a clear picture of what an akara produced: gold, silver, copper, lead, tin, (3) iron, Vaikinta metal, (4) and finally gems.
This may indicate that at some point in the redactoral history of Book 2 (called the adhyaksapracara) of the ArthaRistra, the term akara came into prominence, and the semantic compass of khani became restricted, perhaps to diving for pearls and the like.
Evidently, the source(s) of the second half (Avapa) did not undergo revisions based on the new term akara and maintained the old term khani.