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2TAKE Irish cuttings of ajugas and pot up for autumn hanging baskets.
20 Plant up a few spring containers using long-term evergreen subjects including ivy, skimmia, carex, grasses, ajugas and other plants of interest.
1Take cuttings of ajugas and similar subjects - after watering, if dry - and pot up for autumn hanging baskets.
The genus of Ajuga belongs to the family Lamiaceae and contains at least 301 species.
Contents Introduction 1230 Botanical aspects 1230 To what extent is Ajuga remota a unique species?
Here we review the possible use of Ajuga remota in antimalarial therapy.
The genus of Ajuga L or bugleweed belongs to the family Lami-aceae (the mint family), which also includes tall timber trees such as teak and aromatic or culinary species such as sage, thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, lavender, basils and patchouli.
Different synonyms of this species can be found in literature: Ajuga integrifolia Buch.
Antimicrobacterial ergosterol-5, 8-endoperoxide from Ajuga remota.
001 compared to control; ELEAB-etanolic leaves extract of Ajuga bracteosa