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slightly open

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They found the door ajar. "Oh, ho," said the brigadier, who thoroughly understood the trick; "a bad sign to find the door open!
The gate was ajar, and he sent the house-boy to close it.
The door to the TRANSCONTINENTAL office was ajar, and Martin, in the act of opening it, was brought to a sudden pause by a loud voice from within, which exclaimed:- "But that is not the question, Mr.
"The operations group of the center for reconciliation of warring sides and military police have been redeployed from Afrin to Tel Ajar in the Tel Rifat de-confliction zone in order to avoid possible provocations and to ensure Russian servicemen's lives and health are not exposed to risks," the ministry said.
Ajar Online is a cloud service designed for the real estate market, offering quick and secureonline rent collection and a free property management platform.
Ajar Online, a fintech start-up based in Kuwait, has launched a new cloud service aimed at redefining the real estate sector in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region through digitisation of the sector.
Summary: Pet's owners, also on board, find its cage empty on arrival, with door slightly ajar and hinges damaged
According to check post commander Noormat Khan the Khasadar force stopped the suspected pick up bearing registration 3214 and recovered 75 kg hashish and arrested the driver identified as Ajar Khan hailing from Bara.
The decisive 10th frame went back and forth until Liang made a crucial error when 55-45 - leaving the door ajar for Higgins.
And the delay over McDermott has left the door ajar for Garcia, 42, who has held talks with the Royals.
In the winter of 1974, following a highly secretive annual meeting at Paris' lavish Restaurant Drouant, a group of judges announced that a relatively unknown writer named Amile Ajar had won that year's Prix Goncourtthe most prestigious literary prize in Francefor his novel La vie devant soi.
So that's four to go, I think another one would be okay, that's five in the car, but the journey's not too far, If you want another friend to come, that would be six, we can fit them all in, but we'll have to have the passenger door ajar, Looking back, I knew it was a mistake to take so many, especially going around the lion's den with that passenger door ajar, It was hot and noisy, you could hardly hear yourself speak, and so maybe I let too many people travel in the car, Well we are off home now, and I have just done a quick head count, and I am sure I only counted five, We must have lost one going around the lion's den, still what a great day we've had, and the rest of us are still alive by A.
Warba Bank has launched a national strategic partnership with a new project specifically developed for the real estate market in Kuwait and the GCC, "Ajar Online".