magnetic tape

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memory device consisting of a long thin plastic strip coated with iron oxide

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AIT-5 drives are now read and write backward compatible with standard read/write as well as WORM AIT-4, AIT-3Ex and AIT-3 media, so users can migrate to the higher capacity of AIT-5 without sacrificing access or compatibility with earlier AIT versions.
Contact information Racheli Vizman, COO, AIT 2 Derech Meir Weisgal Rehovot 9632605, Israel E-mail: racheli@ait-pharm.
The most difficult aspect of a successful implementation of an AIT and AIS environment exists during the interim phase between today's legacy standards and the fully integrated objective system.
For large backup applications, AIT compares favorably with the higher speeds of S-DLT and LTO.
The decision to create AIT Bioscience was based on AIT's desire to improve upon the traditional CRO model.
We think the Scalar 100 AIT offers the industry's smartest solution for this entire product class," said Bill Britts, ADIC senior vice president of Global Marketing.
At AIT, every plan comes complete with tons of free stuff like virus scanning, spam and fraud protection, stats programs, tech support libraries; oh, and did I forget to mention 24x7 Customer Service Support?
AIT Turbo Extends Industry's Most Comprehensive Tape Format
which introduced its midrange AIT (Advanced Intelligent Tape) format in 1996 to complement its low-end DDS (Digital Data Storage) format, brought to market during the early 1990s.
For a limited time only (through December 31st, 2006), AIT is willing to negotiate on pricing for all products and services offered.
Beginning in July, new AIT-2 and AIT-3 drives and specially marked corresponding AIT media will allow for non-rewritable, non-erasable electronic data storage, in addition to delivering AIT's traditional superior core technology benefits.
Qualstar's TLS-4000 Series AIT libraries offer users a particularly broad range of capacity and performance options to economically and reliably automate tape-based applications, whether backing up a single critical database or as an integral part of an enterprise-wide data management system.
Sony's AIT technology has gained strong market acceptance in recent years based on its high capacity, fast data access, and low price.