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If he and his party were to concentrate more on the desires of the people and not on airy-fairy flights of fancy they might gain more credit.
Never mind the vague pros and cons, which seem to be mostly airy-fairy guesswork but, with only weeks to go, can anyone enlighten me about the actual rules of the forthcoming vote?
A FORMER Lord Mayor has become the fourth Labour politician to enter the race to become the next council leader, promising to be a 'safe pair of hands' and to not bankrupt the council with 'airy-fairy' policies.
There was nothing airy-fairy about his drama classes, it was how he related to the children.
This was no airy-fairy, pie in the sky dream of a spot of giant killing.
Mac said he didn't even believe in the weather forecast, never mind "airy-fairy dreams", but the cabby - who had had prophetic dreams come true before - warned him to have his eyes checked.
I dismissed the thought as airy-fairy bunk, though oddly, an astrologer my mom (of course) had hired to do my chart said I had the strongest will she'd seen since doing a reading on Henry Kissinger!
A THIS romantic airy-fairy tale thuds to earth with all the grace of Frankenstein's monster.
That means not having some lah-di-dah, airy-fairy view about what this all means - it's understanding security services do an important job."
But I was also pretty kind of airy-fairy. I was a dreamer, a romantic.
Gaunty relishes the role of burly striker in the party's declared war on the EU's meddling in our affairs and wasting UK dosh on airy-fairy schemes.
A PLAN TO slash airport fees has come as a welcome move and shows that Cyprus has finally decided to do something that for once is more practical than airy-fairy when it comes to tourism.
It sounds airy-fairy, but it's something we feel very deeply," he said.
"Let Rashtrapathi Bhavan start using kullars and handis made by traditional craftsmen." No airy-fairy pie-in-the-sky romantic idealism but something we could put into practice and take a pot out of his kiln by seeing that at international and national ceramics events, festivals, fairs, conferences, openings of ex hibitions and ceramics schools we don't see plastic used instead of hand crafted ceramics.