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Those of you with particularly acute cultural antennae may have guessed that this pop combo do not deal in airy-fairy ballads with lute accompaniment.
We cannot have any prima donna, airy-fairy, slip-shod rugby.
While Hornby idolises the more fragile of the Arsenal team and mistrusts the multi-talented, Bhattacharya's hero is Gun-dappa Viswanath, a man capable of both glorious cover drives and airy-fairy wafts outside the off stump' Sunil Gavaskar, meanwhile, India's premier run-getter of all time, is berated for his slow scoring.
Having to meet standards and quantify success is a lot harder than simply talking about it in some abstract way, in a vague, airy-fairy vision statement.
Far too many nurses and midwives are qualifying without knowing the basics of human care, but they are very good at writing airy-fairy portfolios.
While again nothing new, they at least point in a less airy-fairy direction than the rest of the show, especially because they had to battle for attention with the hysterical bet-hedging that surrounded them.
This is not some airy-fairy issue for academicians and other assorted thumb-suckers.
Anti-discrimination groups are untroubled by such airy-fairy questions.
We can't afford to see another pounds 50 million squandered on an airy-fairy scheme to put an art gallery here in Cardiff.
Dame Rosemary Butler has unfortunately fallen into the typical Assembly mode of not giving sufficient thought to analysis but has accepted airy-fairy figures as fact.
As for his airy-fairy statement that the area is finally beginning to pick up, does he honestly think us Teesiders are a load of mugs?
This whole business is too airy-fairy for words (but I'll try).
In my experience, no matter what Madam Airy-Fairy tells you, it's going to be down to you.
Don't think it is all airy-fairy fluffy farming - they have commercial plans to increase their business several times over in a planned timescale whilst upholding their values of good land stewardship.
Who do the writers of these airy-fairy ideas think they are kidding?