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THE six-point plan to help young people into work which David Miliband unveils today is not some airy-fairy scheme conjured from nowhere.
A PLAN TO slash airport fees has come as a welcome move and shows that Cyprus has finally decided to do something that for once is more practical than airy-fairy when it comes to tourism.
It sounds airy-fairy, but it's something we feel very deeply," he said.
No airy-fairy pie-in-the-sky romantic idealism but something we could put into practice and take a pot out of his kiln by seeing that at international and national ceramics events, festivals, fairs, conferences, openings of ex hibitions and ceramics schools we don't see plastic used instead of hand crafted ceramics.
People still see coaching as airy-fairy or scary - especially in a corporate setting
Councillors in Birmingham have decided to close the loophole with an airy-fairy plan to ban "failed states" foreigners from becoming taxi drivers until they have five years' of good behaviour on record in this country.
Those of you with particularly acute cultural antennae may have guessed that this pop combo do not deal in airy-fairy ballads with lute accompaniment.
Having to meet standards and quantify success is a lot harder than simply talking about it in some abstract way, in a vague, airy-fairy vision statement.
Far too many nurses and midwives are qualifying without knowing the basics of human care, but they are very good at writing airy-fairy portfolios.
At times, this connection between sport and theory can feel somewhat forced and airy-fairy.
While again nothing new, they at least point in a less airy-fairy direction than the rest of the show, especially because they had to battle for attention with the hysterical bet-hedging that surrounded them.
This is not some airy-fairy issue for academicians and other assorted thumb-suckers.
We can't afford to see another pounds 50 million squandered on an airy-fairy scheme to put an art gallery here in Cardiff.
All that hard work on model plating plants that use less water and recycling plants that, allegedly, don't use any at all; typical airy-fairy stuff that keeps the consultants in their "jobs for the boys" and never had any relevance for real platters.
How well you verbally pummel those airy-fairy Gunners has become a punditry yardstick.