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CLOTHES FROM: Hox Boutique, Beadesaurus and Airy Fairy at Oasis Market, Corporation Street, Sulaimi Brookman from The Custard Factory and Curio Bridal Boutique, Smethwick together with Billabong, Bullring and Rise Worldwide (www.
The project involved pupils working with professional artists Emma Ward and Becca Wall of the Rugby's Airy Fairy Artworks Company.
Margalit admirably bases her imaginings of an afterlife in an unsentimental framework which has no truck with either of the standard movie visions of what comes after death--either an airy fairy universe or some terrifying horror-show of damnation.
Instead the first three wickets fell to airy fairy strokes and now we have got a lot of work to do for the rest of this Test.
Ideas today need to be cost neutral or cost effective, not airy fairy ideas that won't stack up to financial scrutiny or can't be undertaken because they are unorthodox or illegal.
But there was always something very down to earth about him, unlike Jon and Vanda who are just so airy fairy.
But I can tell he doesn't really because he's always worked in a trade and thinks my degree was a bit airy fairy - which it was, but at least I'm smart enough to pass exams.
Arty, airy fairy breathy troubadouring that's unlikely to trouble the radio airwaves.
One member of our group described them as airy fairy proposals.
To further make my day, Prince Charles is spending more taxpayers' money in pursuit of more of his airy fairy ideas.
There is too much violence in the game now, and too much airy fairy falling over and cheating.
People think design is the airy fairy side of business, but these days it affects the business at all levels.