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(of aircraft) fit to fly


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The goal is to have the aircraft airworthy for the next day's missions, and the maintenance crew's day does not end until the goal is met.
It is hoped that around 48 of the 70 airworthy Spitfires and Hurricanes will take part in the spine-tingling lypast over southern England to mark the Battle of Britain's 75th anniversary.
Martin Withers will speak about the flying mission and his current experiences in flying the last airworthy Vulcan.
The Spitfires could now be worth PS2million each if they are still airworthy.
PIA had acquired two jumbos recently but by spending the same amount of money several grounded aircraft could have been made airworthy and the divergent and contradictory financial figures submitted by the Chairman, PIA needs to be seriously examined.
Former Able Rating Mark Layton, 31, who used to keep helicopters airworthy for commandos in Afghanistan, fell down the stairs at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton in Somerset and badly damaged ankle ligaments and tendons.
The service will end with a flypast of the UK's last airworthy Vulcan, piloted by Flight Lieutenant Martin Withers DFC who led the famous Black Buck 1 air raid on Port Stanley's runway.
One hangar will be used for housing and maintaining the aircraft and the other will accommodate the large number of spares and equipment required to keep historic aircraft in an airworthy condition.
Centennial of Naval Aviation: The largest collection of airworthy naval aircraft spanning all eras will be featured.
The event will include an exhibit of airworthy naval aircraft, a demonstration of the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, and a night air show and fireworks.
United Airlines allegedly operated a Boeing 737 aircraft on over 200 flights between 10 February and 28 April 2008 when the aircraft was not in an airworthy condition.
Sources claimed the Bell 430 helicopter had not renewed its airworthy certificate for the last two years.
An aircraft which is not airworthy is not released for flight.
The two-seater Vickers Supermarine MkIX Spitfire, one of 5,665 produced during the Second World War by Vickers-Armstrong from its plant in Castle Bromwich, is the first airworthy spitfire to go under auction for 20 years and was painstakingly restored over a five-year period.
1]s planes had been and continued to be completely airworthy and the suspension of the license was entirely over documentation issues.