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This airworthiness directive is considered an interim action, limited to the 25 oldest wing sets," the EASA said.
A total of five Chinese UAV companies were authorized as pilots to initiate and develop different UAV programs in exploring airworthiness standards and certification methods for UAVs for transporting cargos, inspecting powerlines and carrying passengers.
While stating that the NCAA's Aviation Safety Inspectors (ASI) were well trained and well motivated to carry out routine ramp inspection on all airlines operating in Nigeria, the regulatory body maintained that it was the primary responsibility of its Inspectors to ensure that all the parts of the aircraft comply with the applicable airworthiness requirements and remains in a condition for safe operation before every flight and throughout its operating life.
As part of the certification process, the technical and engineering side of the vehicle will be checked in detail and will have to meet EASA regulations for safety and airworthiness.
TDG said that its patented UFI fulfils, in a single compact unit, all required functionalities of this airworthiness directive.
In anticipation of damage from the hurricane, Abruzzino sought insurance, listing the plane's place of housing as Sebastian, Florida, and asserting that it had a valid airworthiness certificate.
The official, identified as CAAP Airworthiness Inspector Rodolfo Moral, was terminated following reports that he demanded money from a religious group in exchange for airworthiness certification.
The FAA in June published its final Airworthiness Directive for certain NavWorx ADS-B devices, and included lengthy responses to issues raised by AOPA, EAA and others.
Bell said that the development of a new tyre by Michelin had been central to the Concorde regaining airworthiness.
With a single tail number search, Aircraft Centricity gathers and organizes maintenance-related documentation and maintenance information applicable to a specific aircraft, such as manufacturer service manuals and parts catalogs, service bulletins, airworthiness directives and regulatory information, due lists, maintenance and compliance tracking history, and forecasting.
Logically, it's argued that an airworthiness directive is not appropriate for a part that was never intended for installation in a type-certificated aircraft.