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33) While there was still some resistance to the idea, the planned arrival of a substantial number of British airwomen to work on the British Commonwealth Air Training Stations increased public pressure to enlist Canadian women.
A 1950s briefing paper for the officials revealed how in the past commanders were told to be alert to airwomen who played cricket or hockey, or spent a lot of time writing letters or telephoning to female comrades, seen as possible signs of attraction to other women.
The expertise they gain here has seen officers, airmen and airwomen from Boulmer deployed overseas in the Falklands, Iraq and, of course, Afghanistan.
During World War II it was requisitioned as a base for 80 Canadian airwomen.
Anne Noggle, A Dance with Death: Soviet Airwomen in World War II, 1st ed.
Youngsters belonging to 121 (Nuneaton) Squadron Air Training Corps have just returned from a week-long Easter camp at RAF Halton which is the home of the Recruit Training Squadron that is responsible for training all new ground trade airmen and airwomen to the required standard during their first nine weeks of basic training before they progress to their trade training.
Written for general audiences as well as aviation and military buffs, this book is one of the first to directly compare the service of the WASPs and the Soviet airwomen and notes that while the former group did not fly in combat missions, they still experienced casualties while fighting for their country.
A drop in the number of men joining the service prompted RAF chiefs to make moves in 1979 to abolish regulations banning airwomen from using guns.
At the start of the war, male pilots scathingly referred to the ATA as the Always Terrified Airwomen.
In the end, it must be underlined that the editor, Wg Cdr Ross, author of 75 Years and The Queen's Squadron, has hit the target with a collection of personal stories about an impressive range of experiences by an impressive array of airmen and airwomen.
Schwarzenegger and his 8-year-old son, Patrick, visited Edwards last month for a photo shoot for Talk magazine, which photographed him with an F-22 Raptor fighter and about 100 airmen and airwomen.
This is the standard pattern worn by ORs as a cap/beret badge and by officers on the side cap; a right collar badge (identical design, smaller size) was worn as a cap badge by airwomen, Officers below Air Rank (Air Sub-Lieutenant to Group Captain) wore on caps a gilt metal badge on a wreath on a black padded background; the wreath and lion were embroidered in gold wire.
Starting salaries are pounds 15,750 for officers and pounds 11,140 for airmen and airwomen.
Our systems are going to be protecting soldiers, airmen and airwomen, sailors and now Marines.
James Cain, managing director of Harrogate Water Brands, stated "We re absolutely thrilled to be supplying British sailors, soldiers, airmen and airwomen with our spring water today.
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