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Synonyms for ventilation

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Synonyms for ventilation

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Airway pressure release ventilation: improving oxygenation: indications, rationale, and adverse events associated with airway pressure release ventilation in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome for advance practice nurses.
Early airway pressure release ventilation prevents ARDS-a novel preventive approach to lung injury.
Mandatory PC modes including SIMV (PC), assist control (A/C PC), BiLevel[TM] (also referred to as biphasic positive airway pressure), airway pressure release ventilation and pressure regulated volume control were used in 48/284 (17%) patients.
Bi-level and airway pressure release ventilation are programs that incorporate variability into the ventilator.
Airway Pressure Release Ventilation, (APRV), is a mode of mechanical ventilation intended to allow patients to breathe spontaneously over intermittent and alternating levels of continuous positive airway pressure, (CPAP).
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