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However even though the airtime rates for the iSatHub iSavi device were more affordable, the only airtime available came with certain contracts, and agreements.
We're happy to have reached this arrangement with Wholesale TV and Radio Advertising LLC in 2013," said Alexander, the GM of Wholesale Airtime Auction.
According to the company, Pasavute has been devised to offer the subscribers with flexible and convenient options for mobile refills, which facilitates buying of one airtime voucher on-credit, and pay the face value of the same and a service fee in their next top-ups.
Customers who do not want to upgrade a handset will only have to pay airtime costs once they have paid off the handset.
Airtime wants to get its hands on all the personal information you've already handed over to Facebook.
Airtime also takes advantage of a user's location in that it allows them to start a random conversation with someone who is on Facebook and lives in their geographic area.
Each transaction is verified by a bank card's personal identification number (PIN) and customers do not need internet access in order to buy airtime using funds from their bank account.
Those wanting to send small-value gifts to their loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, festivals or anniversaries will welcome the cross-border mobile airtime transfer service which provides immediate top-up.
The deployment of Redknee's Airtime Reseller will enable VivaCell-MTS to provide its resellers with the ability to trade over the wireless network with subscribers, providing sellable airtime that is purchased on the mobile handset, eliminating the need for retail vouchers or physical top-up cards.
Both Panama and The Faculty Boys have gotten airtime from community radio stations like San Francisco's KPOO, 89.
Jimmy Fallon Kicks Off Airtime Launch Event in NYC Featuring: Jim Carrey, Ed Helms, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Joel McHale, Olivia Munn and Snoop Dogg
OTCQB: TLPY) has migrated its airtime service to Digital Telecommunications Philippines, Inc.
a national reseller of prepaid cellular services, introduces a new technology that enables the customer to add airtime directly from their handset 24 hours a day, seven days a week through cash, credit card and point-of-sale transactions.
As a result of a Meet or Beat Policy on airtime, IT is making it difficult for other Carriers to compete, as IT offers a bundled line rental and airtime solution package for most Service Providers and Resellers at very attractive rates.
an affiliate of Telefonos de Mexico (NYSE: TMX) and a nationwide leader in prepaid wireless communications, has announced the launch of the company's new prepaid cellular airtime rates.