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channel into a new direction


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Another version of the Mac Airt legend unearthed by Vernam Hull in 1949 points even more directly to the damage to the king's own household.
Probably, this is the most important similarity between the legends of Mac Airt and Suttree: the enigma of the heroes' failures to be responsible stewards of their own houses and the relative costs.
AIRT was established under the laws of the state of Delaware and was formed primarily to issue the above referenced certificates and to purchase and own fixed rate notes.
Ms Nic Airt claimed a number of schools had introduced similar measures to cope with cuts.
As they are strategically positioned to catch 'aw airts o the wind', not one of them gives a whirl.
SNP MSP Brian Adam added: "It would be much more appropriate in these airts and pairts if the sign was in Doric rather than Welsh.
IT would be nice to see some more photos and reports from our lads and lassies in the Armed Forces, who are keeping the peace in all the airts and pairts of the world.
As the centre for the International Festival every summer, along with the Fringe, the Jazz Festival, Book Festival, Film Festival (not to mention the Science Festival earlier in the year and the mighty Hogmanay celebrations) Edinburgh attracts visitors from a' the airts.
The other shortlisted venues are A' the Airts, Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, Mareel in Shetland and the National Piping Centre in Glasgow.
They will descend on the wee ground, jammed between Cumbernauld and the Celtic-minded stronghold of Croy, from all the airts and pairts.