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Synonyms for airstream

a relatively well-defined prevailing wind

the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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If the ark's not for you, you can check out another vehicle that's really loaded: an Airstream trailer fit for Scheherazade.
In partnering with Airstream, we are able to stretch and apply our design cues to a company already known as a leader in its category.
The new summer promotion encourages players to search for a virtual Airstream as it travels across the country, using realtor.
JACKSON CENTER, Ohio, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Airstream, the most recognized RV manufacturer in North America, today announced a new social-media driven campaign, " Live Riveted ".
it's the new airstream Series 2 684 caravan, or trailer home as they call caravans in the USa, where airstreams are made.
We Airstream owners are a fanatical bunch; the only thing we enjoy as much as hanging out in our Airstream is checking our other people's to "see what they've done with the place.
Featuring vehicles both popular and obscure, the exhibit illustrates their utility by displaying them loaded with period camping equipment or hitched to trailers ranging from a pioneering Airstream to one of the earliest production tent trailers known to survive.
Airstream International Group arranged the sale of a former Jet Magic and Citelynx Embraer ERJ-135ER to bmi on behalf of LCY Flight Ltd.
They provide significant energy savings for either new or existing applications: Wasted energy is reduced by up to 85%, and airstream heat gain and dispersion-generated condensate production are also significantly lowered.
The Blue Oval and trailer-maker Airstream have come up with a bonkers looking polished aluminium runaround that uses a Ballard plug-in hydrogen fuel cell like the Ford Edge.
The Airstream concept vehicle's powertrain is claimed to offer fuel, engine and energy-conversion flexibility.
The first European showing of the Airstream Europe, a classic, aluminium, retro tourer from America.
The short box houses the business end of things, with cooking, preparation and washing facilities efficiently compacted into the tight space, in the manner of an Airstream trailer or space capsule.
The two stars are announcing that the UK's Caravan Club is hoping that a version of the large US-based Airstream caravan could be introduced in Britain.
HAND dryers-to-office pot plants group PHS has bought washroom services firm Airstream Services for pounds 25m.