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Synonyms for airstream

a relatively well-defined prevailing wind

the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller

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Airstream of Chicago will be hosting five giveaways with the following prizes:
United States-based AT&T Communications has collaborated with Airstream, an American brand of Travel trailers.
"So we bought a fabulously hip silver Airstream and turned it into the Pop Up Kitchen, selling good mood food.
Colonial Airstream & RV has been the world's Top Selling Airstream dealer for 12 years.
After a couple of years' absence, Airstream returns with the appointment of a new UK distributor.
She works out of a cute converted Airstream trailer on the nursery campus and hopes, as her business grows, to expand her wildflower plot.
The famous aerodynamic, silver-bullet Airstream shape is handcrafted with a buck-riveted aluminium bodyshell over a ribbed frame, with visible aluminium inside as well as out.
Thomas Matthews, mixologist at The Edgbaston, is the guest bartender at the Brum stop of the Patron the Summer airstream UK tour.
THE WELCOME An introductory email arrived a week before our stay with detailed instructions for selfcheck-in including directions, PIN for the Airstream and wi-fi code and a phone number in case of emergencies.
The leadership communications specialist CloudQast has taken delivery of a 1964 classic Airstream Globe Trotter caravan.
As a result, the air flows upward over the patient and gets entrained back into the supply airstream. The airflow patterns shown in all of these cases are at one specific plane which passes through the center of the patient's body.
He explained that the weather pattern is being caused by a southwesterly airstream that is affecting England and Wales throughout the weekend.
The Chopping Block, based at Flecknoe, near Rugby, has purchased a new airstream trailer which is being used to cater at high-profile festivals and events.