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the speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying

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In an aviation first, British scientists in Chelmsford have successfully trialled a highly accurate laser airspeed sensor for use in the next generation of high altitude aircraft which will increase survivability while improving performance and fuel efficiency.
While power is accurately displayed via engine instruments, AOA is an enigma fleetingly glimpsed through airspeed and attitude.
The optimum airspeed could vary by as much as 9 or 10 knots.
Jeffrey and Taylor (1991) used a Hardi Twin air-assisted sprayer at three airspeeds (15, 22, and 28 m [s.
With this new value of the body drag coefficient, the characteristic airspeeds for Sabine's gull are Vmp = 9.
Color-coding is applied to traditional round airspeed indicators and those displayed by integrated flight deck equipment like Garmin's G1000.
Not having an infinite amount of money to perform airborne testing, I developed a mathematical model to test out descent profiles over time, taking into consideration variables such as airspeed variation and fuel burn.
Stalls which result from abrupt maneuvers tend to be more rapid, or severe, than the unaccelerated stalls, and because they occur at higher-than-normal airspeeds, and/or may occur at lower than anticipated pitch attitudes, they may be unexpected by an inexperienced pilot.
I compared my AOA and airspeed before making my approach turn.
Then you deployed flaps and began the descent, nailing the desired airspeeds and following the pattern to the runway.
This controllability problem occurs when two key cross-checked airspeeds differ by 25 knots.
they flew at the airplane's best-glide speed (VG) while descending and maneuvering for an off-airport emergency landing, maintaining appropriate final approach and touchdown airspeeds throughout.
Comparing flight-test data with the airspeeds recommended by the pubs, we found the same inconsistency in three other pieces of equipment.
From it, we can determine the g-loading the represented airplane will experience when accelerated beyond 1G at various airspeeds.