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the speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying

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Flight test results have verified the accuracy of the airspeeds computed by the technique in the present study when compared to that recorded in the light simulator.
The flight simulation results proved the display to be successful in obtaining direct specific excess power contours from level acceleration light tests and in providing guidance for flights along constant specific excess power contours at low airspeeds.
This analog meter does not present the airspeed to fly even though it computes and displays energy and energy rate using on-board measured values and indicates it to the pilot with two different dials.
The optimum airspeed could vary by as much as 9 or 10 knots.
Maintaining the indicated airspeed required looking at the instrument panel, while also looking out to line up on the ship's centerline.
THE AOA SYSTEM WAS BUILT with a damping system that permitted its use in turbulence without giving misleading or unreadable information, a feature not available in airspeed indicators alone.
Earlier test milestones included flying at airspeeds as low as 83 knots, simulated engine-out approaches and go-arounds, and a short field landing using less than 2,000 feet of runway.
I compared my AOA and airspeed before making my approach turn.
At the abeam, my airspeed tracked nicely with my AOA, so I shifted focus onto my indexers and began an approach turn.
We'd abort the takeoff if we had runway left and the engine failed, and wave off if we had sufficient airspeed to fly and no safe landing place in front of us.
We squeaked out 50 knots as we eased up through 100 feet, entering a safer regime of altitude and airspeed.
Since the engine was functioning OK, I preferred to build up our airspeed and continue flying, instead of rushing an abort back to the runway with a heavy helicopter.
Comparing flight-test data with the airspeeds recommended by the pubs, we found the same inconsistency in three other pieces of equipment.
According to the manual, the bridge sections and the boats were authorized for single-and dual-point external lifts, with a recommended airspeed of 70 KIAS.
On this lift, as the CH-53E with its external load began to decrease airspeed from 70 KIAS and turn toward the drop-off zone, the boat shifted left and right more so than on the previous lifts.