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the speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying

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While power is accurately displayed via engine instruments, AOA is an enigma fleetingly glimpsed through airspeed and attitude.
Flight test results have verified the accuracy of the airspeeds computed by the technique in the present study when compared to that recorded in the light simulator.
The optimum airspeed could vary by as much as 9 or 10 knots.
The literature review revealed that higher airspeeds promote overall a better coverage in the middle and bottom portions of the plant canopy while lower airspeeds are more appropriate for the top portion of the plant canopy.
The two flocks of Ross's gulls had airspeeds of 12.2 m/s and 14.6 m/s (mean 13.4 m/s).
Short of pawing through the POH all the time, and appearing unprepared, one answer is to develop your own placard or list of target airspeeds for various operations.
Color-coding is applied to traditional round airspeed indicators and those displayed by integrated flight deck equipment like Garmin's G1000.
I compared my AOA and airspeed before making my approach turn.
The FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook (FAA-H-8083-3A) includes the following discussion of accelerated stalls: "At the same gross weight, airplane configuration, and power setting, a given airplane will consistently stall at the same indicated airspeed if no acceleration is involved.
The abort or waveoff call alone doesn't answer questions about approach- or waveoff-pattern altitudes, airspeeds, a spot or a running landing, and the urgency of the problem.
It states, "Airplanes operate at low airspeeds and at high angles of attack during the takeoff/departure and approach/landing phases of flight.
This controllability problem occurs when two key cross-checked airspeeds differ by 25 knots.
Then you deployed flaps and began the descent, nailing the desired airspeeds and following the pattern to the runway.