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the speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying

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What is certainly extraordinary and significant is that 80 percent of Airspeed's top executives and 45 percent of Airspeed's middle tier managers, the people responsible for Airspeed's achievements, are women.
A closer look at Airspeed reveals why it stands out in the cargo and logistics industry and exposes the most probable reason why it continues to grow and prosper.
Rafael is eager for Airspeed to play a part in this relevant initiative.
As logistics provider, Airspeed ensures that customers will be experiencing cost-effective, efficient and fast service.
Had I trusted my airspeed sensor, I would have pushed the plane's nose down in an attempt to regain speed, and possibly put too much strain on the aircraft's frame, or gotten dangerously close to the ground.
The jet's airspeed indicator malfunctioned on its last four flights, and that problem was related to the sensor issue, said Soerjanto Tjahjono, chairman of Indonesia's National Transportation Safety Committee, on Wednesday.
Jakarta [Indonesia], Nov 6 ( ANI ): Investigators of the Lion Air Flight 610, that crashed recently, have confirmed that the airspeed indicator of the aircraft had malfunctioned during its last four flights.
"We are formulating, with NTSB and Boeing, detailed inspections regarding the airspeed indicator," he said, referring to the U.S.
We brought this issue up with AIRSpeed and completed a charter for the event.
Airspeed is determined by the pressure differential between the pitot input and the static input.
When engaged by the pilot, the Autothrottle system adjusts the throttles automatically to achieve and hold the selected airspeed guarded by a torque/temperature limit mode.
AIRSpeed, a Naval Aviation Enterprise program run out of Makin Island's Aviation Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), continuously seeks out opportunities to improve efficiency throughout a command.
where V is the airspeed, [eta] is the angle between vector V and direction from position of UAV to reference point, and [L.sub.1] is the distance between the position of UAV and reference point, which can be determined by