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the speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying

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Airspeed is determined by the pressure differential between the pitot input and the static input.
When engaged by the pilot, the Autothrottle system adjusts the throttles automatically to achieve and hold the selected airspeed guarded by a torque/temperature limit mode.
But what if you wanted to buy a pair of G5s or D10As and place them side-by-side in the panel and ditch the airspeed and altimeter instruments?
Airspeed is conventionally determined using pitot tubes that starts from aircraft and sense air pressure variations.
3nm, the commander noted that the airspeed was 80kt and increased the collective pitch, intending to maintain this speed.
AirSpeed ONE is engineered to reach under furniture, and also offers easy maneuverability around the entire home and convenient, compact storage.
This is then sent to the NewsCutter client where video clips are finalised and sent to AirSpeed for play out.
THE EUROPEAN Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is to issue an airworthiness directive for more that 200 Airbus aircraft to have their airspeed pitot probes replaced.
Given this focus of their attention, they failed to notice that their airspeed had fallen dramatically.
If the tubes are blocked because of ice [due to lower temperatures at the higher altitudes], you would get inaccurate airspeed indication.
NAVRIIP evolved into what is now AIRSpeed, a philosophy, strategy, and proven set of tools that will enable NAVAIR and the Naval Aviation Enterprise to achieve cost-wise readiness.
When I walked into the shop at the beginning of my shift, I noticed that the AE1, my shop supervisor, had an airspeed indicator in his hand.
The Enterprise AIRSpeed teams consist of military, contractor and civilian personnel who have been assigned from Commander Naval Air Forces (CNAF), Headquarters Marine Corps (HQMC), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) and Naval Air Technical Data and Engineering Command (NATEC).