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motion sickness experienced while traveling by air (especially during turbulence)

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Before a professional translator and editor could check the phrase, the airline paid to print the words "Fly is Cheap" on signs, aircraft and airsickness bags.
It is my first visit to the Centennial State and my first time turning such a verdant hue from airsickness.
Largest collection of airsickness bags THE largest collection of in-air, paper vom traps belongs to marketing and investment consultant Niek Vermeulen, of the Netherlands, who had (as of March 2004) over 3,728 from more than 802 different airlines, not to mention a further 10,000 spare bags.
Categories of attrition included DOR, medical reasons (MED), failure in academic or flying performance (Flying/Academic), and lack of adaptability (LOA)--which includes students who withdrew due to fear of flying, persistent airsickness, or manifestations of apprehension.
Robert Walker plays Lawson's gunner, prone to airsickness, but dependable when the going gets tough.
Aside from Bishop's and Williams's citations of the magazine, examples abound: in Carson McCullers's The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1940), Mick Kelly escapes small-town boredom by going to the public library to look at pictures of foreign places in National Geographic (161); in a 1951 poem Frank O'Hara writes slyly of a poet who "slides warmly o'er the world / on nationally geographic carpets / never afraid of airsickness oh / what a dog he is for th'exotic" (36); at the conclusion of the Life Studies poem "During Fever" (1959), Robert Lowell casts his grandfather's practice of reading National Geographic while chaperoning his daughter and her male callers as exemplary of "that old life of decency" (80).
And Petroleum is used for sea or airsickness with a sensation of emptiness in the stomach that is relieved by constant eating.
Most stewardesses into the 1940s were also trained nurses, able to address airsickness, anxiety, or injuries suffered from a crash.
That cool air sure felt good as airsickness came on.
US Airways makes $10 million a year selling ad space on tray tables and napkins, and is negotiating selling ads on its airsickness bags.
As the helicopter hovered over Gaedcke, Peter's 18-year-old sister, Hannah, and a friend dropped water bottles cushioned in airsickness bags to the struggling hiker.
The drop can be harrowing as well as nauseating, and stepping off the plane with a full airsickness bag in hand is not the best way to start an assignment.
Eydin Hansen, an aerospace physiologist assigned to the 75th Aeromedical Squadron at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, "and it's the number one culprit of airsickness.
Australian media reported the note was written on an airsickness bag found in or near one of the aircraft's toilets.
Airsickness was still a common affliction aboard unpressurized, propeller-driven airliners--forced to fly at lower altitudes through the most turbulent air.