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experiencing motion sickness

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With his lack of training and already airsick, we found ourselves at about 60 degrees angle-of-bank, which ended his time at the controls.
As a roller coaster junkie, I scoffed at the idea of filling up an airsick bag.
First he flew us to Astoria in a small plane - and I tend to get airsick," James said wryly.
This is always a possibility, as is the possibility of getting carsick or airsick.
It is possible for aircrew to become airsick in some situations in which there is neither motion nor aural simulation, but where the eyes are totally deceived.
Throughout the years, the Queen Mother was often seen nipping in and out of helicopters and she was never airsick.
BEFORE starting the project Nicola had been very excited about the helicopter, but apprehensive at the same time: Not because of any fears of personal safety but that she might be airsick, or find it difficult to do pieces to camera while flying.
A number of the 40 passengers and one cabin crew member were airsick as the pilots battled to safely land the ATR72 aircraft operated by CityFlyer Express.
The survey crew also recorded the time of the observation, whether any of the crew was airsick, which crew member first observed the group, and the geographic coordinates of the location as estimated by LORAN-C.
I NEVER feel airsick until that awful moment when they ask: 'Chicken or beef?
But remember, it's a volatile sector that can plunge just as steeply as it has skyrocketed, so keep the airsick bags handy.
He had taken a 70mm camera and put it in the nose of an airplane and made people airsick.
How would you like to spend most of your working life either looking after people who are airsick or trying to control irate queues of people waiting to go to the lavatory?
My neurological makeup (extremely sensitive: carsick, airsick, heightsick) makes just watching this an act of great person, al courage.
It would be difficult to enjoy the ultimate thrill ride if you are looking for an airsick bag.