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Synonyms for airship


Synonyms for airship

a steerable self-propelled aircraft

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I'm working out a magic recipe to fuddle men's brains, so they'll never make an airship that will go where they want it to go," the Wizard confided to her.
If we had one of those new-fashioned airships we could float away over the top of the forest, and look down and find just the places we want.
He had, in fact, crossed the designs of no less a power than the German Empire, he had blundered into the hot focus of Welt-Politik, he was drifting helplessly towards the great Imperial secret, the immense aeronautic park that had been established at a headlong pace in Franconia to develop silently, swiftly, and on an immense scale the great discoveries of Hunstedt and Stossel, and so to give Germany before all other nations a fleet of airships, the air power and the Empire of the world.
Too late the Chinese government apprehended the meaning of the colossal preparations, the marshalling of the world-hosts, the flights of the tin airships, and the rain of the tubes of glass.
According to a report by Bloomberg , the airship (also known as a dirigible), is being built inside a hangar inside NASA's Ames research facility.
The airship has the ability to land on virtually any surface including snow, ice, gravel and even water, with no runways required or other expensive infrastructure.
based hybrid airship owner and operator, recently announced a strategic partnership with PRL Logistics Inc.
Today's airship development is serious enough to have gained financial support from major companies and government agencies, and the chances of success are claimed to be good.
SLA is working with Hybrid Enterprises, Lockheed Martin's Hybrid Airship reseller, to finalize the purchase agreement.
According to its CEO Rob Binns, this type of airship has a market of several hundred globally.
The grand size of an airship easily overwhelms the senses.
The Multibody Advanced Airship for Transport (MAAT) project aims to position airships as future air transportation that is safe, efficient, cheap and environmentally friendly.
An airship can pick up at the source and deliver to site and they can land and take off in the most hostile terrain.
Naval patrols were based at Holyhead but the increased threat posed by German submarines led to military officials creating an airship station at Mona deploying airships adapted for sea patrol.