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However, AirPlay 2 won't launch until later this year.
7 or newer to magnify iPhone iPad and iPod Touch to Mac display while integrating multi-media playback, 4K and 8k HD video download as well as built-in video music AirPlay into one.
We continue to look for more cooperation from labels, who need radio's airplay, and far less confrontation.
THE nominees are in for the Awards Critics' Choice and Alead the contenders after thtrack You Know You Like It gtons of radio airplay this yeaAlready tipped to be a souLa L ura Mvula is also up for tal a ong with Tom Odell, fresde d but performance on LaJools Holland.
GigaOM has an article about a rumored push from Google to compete with AirPlay that really got me thinking.
Sonnex automatically detects audio signals and switches to the AirPlay source.
Apple's Airplay allows iPods, iPhones and iPads to play music directly to speakers that include the company's proprietary chip, and claims to offer improved functionality over conventional speakers that can connect to phones or computers via BlueTooth.
AirPlay isn't the cheapest of features to implement, and its addition means there's a price hike of almost double on the original Contour.
His second and third indexes are derived from data on radio airplay and sales of music.
A number of rock and roll greats also received airplay recognition last night.
Their self-titled EP, released last summer, gained them airplay on 6Music, BBC Tees and BBC Radio Newcastle, and has seen them develop an ever growing fan base.
Malani was speaking ahead of Harman's launch of its new JBL On Air Wireless AirPlay Speaker Dock, its first product dedicated to using Apple's AirPlay technology.
Ideaworks Labs, developer of the multi-platform Airplay SDK, said today that application developers will be able to use the Airplay SDK with the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.
La lista de este ano incluye nuevas categorias: Latin Pop Airplay, Artista del Ano, Solista; Tropical Airplay, Artista del Ano, Solista; Regional Mexican Airplay, Artista del Ano, Solista y Social 50 Artista Latino del Ano, la cual esta basada en la lista Social 50 que clasifica a los artistas mas activos en los sitios de redes sociales de mayor, influencia en todo el mundo: MySpace, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter y iLike.