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a ticket good for a trip on an airplane


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In an annual audit report posted on its website yesterday, the COA said that the OSG spent a total of P7,128,374.84 on airplane tickets, which were "not supported by complete documents" in violation of Presidential Decree 1445 or the Government Auditing Code of the Philippines and COA Circular 2012-001 dated June 14, 2012.
"On social networks like Facebook or Twitter, I make sure I don't share things that could be used against me, but on Whatsapp there were many times when I shared passwords, my airplane ticket number, my debit card number, and other personal information with my family and friends," said Sarah.
He also called for addressing building infringements and curbing any manipulation of airplane ticket prices for trips from Damascus and Qamishli, in addition to monitoring the performance of the state's consumer product retail outlets and ensuring that drinking water is provided.
It appears that the expectations of high-net-worth individuals from across the GCC play a significant part in the travel decision-making process, which has led to the evolution of a tier system when booking anything from a first class airplane ticket to a private island stay.'According to a 2012 Credit Suisse report, the number of millionaires in the UAE is set to grow by 12 per cent by 2017, reaching 48,000 individuals.
For those who can't afford the price of an airplane ticket to Heathrow, here's a little bit of England to enjoy on this side of the pond.
Besides a valid passport, two photos and a copy of the round trip airplane ticket are required.
Jeffry Denman has a framed airplane ticket, and it's not because he's an airline buff or because he got a celebrity to autograph it at the airport.
This is especially true of the Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition, which requires either an increasingly expensive airplane ticket or tanks full of gas to attend.
Nobody so far has been brave enough to add a pounds 10,000 tax to the price of a sports and utility vehicle and pounds 200 per person to every airplane ticket. We could start building up to punishing waste by charging people 50p for their supermarket plastic bags, but the market leaders won't bother.
One New Orleans evacuee in the shelter at Kelly Air Force base said that she had a FEMA-provided airplane ticket to Atlanta, but Hurricane Rita changed those plans.
And, yes, I'm buying that airplane ticket to Greece.
"She borrowed money for an airplane ticket and came to America in 1964 with $100 in her pocket.
These asanas only require 10 minutes, comfortable clothes and an airplane ticket. Try doing them every couple of hours for the greatest benefit.
The immigration chief said Xie would be deported as soon as the Chinese government arranges his airplane ticket back to China.
The supersonic plane will be 2.6 times faster than a regular aircraft and will be able to carry 55 passengers, with each seat costing the customer the same a current business-class airplane ticket.