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a ticket good for a trip on an airplane


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Jeffry Denman has a framed airplane ticket, and it's not because he's an airline buff or because he got a celebrity to autograph it at the airport.
This is especially true of the Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition, which requires either an increasingly expensive airplane ticket or tanks full of gas to attend.
Nobody so far has been brave enough to add a pounds 10,000 tax to the price of a sports and utility vehicle and pounds 200 per person to every airplane ticket.
One New Orleans evacuee in the shelter at Kelly Air Force base said that she had a FEMA-provided airplane ticket to Atlanta, but Hurricane Rita changed those plans.
And, yes, I'm buying that airplane ticket to Greece.
She borrowed money for an airplane ticket and came to America in 1964 with $100 in her pocket.
These asanas only require 10 minutes, comfortable clothes and an airplane ticket.
So, until an airplane ticket to France is booked, visit www.
Mumbai, India (dpa) - An airplane ticket serves as the ticket to enter the museum.
In addition, Mashariki programs also provide successful applicants with a return airplane ticket to any of their destinations in East Africa, plus accommodation, transportation, and boarding.
I am saving all the money I make so that I can buy my airplane ticket.
The concept of creating trusts to enable a smoother transition of wealth from one family generation to another in the Middle East is not a new concept, but we anticipate increased demand from families who want their financial advisors at arm's reach rather than an airplane ticket away," he added.
For example, Valentine explained, the church bought an airplane ticket for a correctional officer, whose family members died in a plane crash, to go identify the bodies.
It matters whether you can choose from more than one long-distance company or buy a discount airplane ticket.
Any radical Islamist who wants to go Syria for training does not need to get an airplane ticket to travel to Syria.