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a ticket good for a trip on an airplane


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This is especially true of the Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition, which requires either an increasingly expensive airplane ticket or tanks full of gas to attend.
Nobody so far has been brave enough to add a pounds 10,000 tax to the price of a sports and utility vehicle and pounds 200 per person to every airplane ticket.
One New Orleans evacuee in the shelter at Kelly Air Force base said that she had a FEMA-provided airplane ticket to Atlanta, but Hurricane Rita changed those plans.
And, yes, I'm buying that airplane ticket to Greece.
So, until an airplane ticket to France is booked, visit www.
Any radical Islamist who wants to go Syria for training does not need to get an airplane ticket to travel to Syria.
And indeed not everyone rejected the idea of a cheap, standing airplane ticket.
Another demand dealt with improving working contracts to include entitlements of a holiday every two years together with an airplane ticket.
In April, the authority increased the fee from $3 an airplane ticket to $4.
With the funds raised from the charity sing-a-long campaign of Sarong Boses, Benita was provided with an airplane ticket and recently flew back to her home country.
Finally - and here is what lies behind Kartoudis' decision to write the letter - I refused to approve payment for a first class airplane ticket to enable Kartoudis to fly from Brussels to St.
The respondents were searching for five popular e-commerce products: a loan for a renovation, a second-hand car, a car insurance, an airplane ticket to New York and a Philips mp3 player.
Maybe you're frustrated that Smith is getting all this attention for her anti-American attitude, and you're thinking there's nothing you can do to respond without buying an airplane ticket to Purchase, N.
The five category winners receive a customized package that includes: a premium economy round-trip airplane ticket provided by Virgin Atlantic Airlines departing from JFK on October 14, and returning from LHR on October 19, 2013; a meeting with a senior representative at the UK Prime Minister's Office, No.
Indeed, the ensuing NCAA investigation tied to the Oregon head coach only the violation he improperly authorized payment for an airplane ticket for a booster, this in a time when boosters were more involved in recruiting; of the countless inches this newspaper devoted to the Scandal, that merited only a paragraph at the time.