airplane propeller

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a propeller that rotates to push against air

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The photo Propeller in Jungle, 1995, shows the remains of an airplane propeller surrounded by Papuans.
The 8-foot bronze statue of Earhart holding an airplane propeller was officially unveiled at North Hollywood Park, at Magnolia Boulevard and Tujunga Avenue, next to the Amelia Earhart Branch Library.
The 8-foot-tall likeness of Earhart holding an airplane propeller will be removed in the wee hours of Friday morning, cast into a mold and used to create a permanent bronze statute, he said.
NORTH HOLLYWOOD - On the surface, the bronze-colored statue of aviator Amelia Earhart gazing confidently ahead with an airplane propeller in her hand appears to be as tough as the reputation of the the famous aviator herself, weathering the years without a trace of decay.
Wind turbines cover the hills for miles around, some like giant eggbeaters but most looking like big airplane propellers on poles, spinning in the near-constant breeze through Altamont Pass.
Down the street at the Slipper Room, the World Famous Bob, clad only in g-string and pasties, spins her breasts like airplane propellers.
Today's windmills may look like airplane propellers on stilts, like the ones in the state of California.
The iron works started as a maker of castings for school and opera seating and over the years added coffee grinding mills (prized collectors' items today), bicycle parts, airplane propellers for the U.
More than three thousand ShopBots have been sold in 45 countries around the world and are being used to make everything from cabinets, furniture and guitars to 3D relief carvings, airplane propellers and parts for the FA-18.
Proving itself useful in World War I, the tree supplied husks, which were made into high-quality charcoal for gas mask filters, and wood for airplane propellers.
Visitors can fly over Kansas in one of four flight simulators, form wind patterns on a 40-foot tall wind wall by navigating real airplane propellers, investigate the flight of bees, and many other hands-on experiences.
Wood was used in everything from PT boats and minesweepers to gliders and airplane propellers, and the Japanese were eventually to surrender on the wood-planked decks of the battleship Missouri.
Most resemble airplane propellers atop steel towers, but there are several hundred that resemble giant eggbeaters.