airplane propeller

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a propeller that rotates to push against air

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We know the current list of six simple machines and can provide examples of each, but what about examples such as: kites, sails, fan blades, wings, airplane propellers, marine propellers, and gas and hydro turbine blades?
The modern airplane propeller is really a model of product evolution, and it continues to be perfected.
The photo Propeller in Jungle, 1995, shows the remains of an airplane propeller surrounded by Papuans.
Drone collisions can smash airplane propellers and ignite fuel lines.
Designers of gas turbines, wind turbines, and even airplane propellers know that no single pitch angle works best under every condition.
Of course, the first airplane propellers were not made from alloyed aluminum; wood was and is a popular construction material, offering several advantages over metal.
Wind turbines cover the hills for miles around, some like giant eggbeaters but most looking like big airplane propellers on poles, spinning in the near-constant breeze through Altamont Pass.
Cargo planes; training planes; merchant ships; supply barges; airplane propellers, fuselages, wings, noses, pilot scats; gliders; landing ramps; life rafts and buoys; army skiis; prefabricated houses; cargo truck bodies.
Most notable is George Antheil's extraordinary musical accompaniment to Fernand Leger and Dudley Murphy's 1924 Ballet mecanique, recorded in its original version (which calls for, among other things, sixteen synchronized player pianos and three different-size airplane propellers).
According to airport spokesman Troy Bell, airplane propellers can be nearly invisible late at night.
Down the street at the Slipper Room, the World Famous Bob, clad only in g-string and pasties, spins her breasts like airplane propellers. Across from the Slipper Room is Baby Jupiter, where sex worker Melanie Mile strips naked and dances with a knife, which she sticks you know where.
Today's windmills may look like airplane propellers on stilts, like the ones in the state of California.
The iron works started as a maker of castings for school and opera seating and over the years added coffee grinding mills (prized collectors' items today), bicycle parts, airplane propellers for the U.S.
Using smoke, laser light, model airplane propellers, and a campus wind tunnel, a team of researchers is trying to solve the airflow mysteries that surround wind turbines.