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Serving the greater Portland area, the program gives students the opportunity to earn a commercial airplane pilot certificate or a commercial helicopter pilot certificate while also earning an associate of applied science degree in aviation science.
In this updating of the action to the early 1920s, with its desperate futility and frivolity after the First World War mirroring that after the Trojan War, minor characters are made figures of fun, with a scuba-diving, flippered Neptune, a Minerva leather-clad as a touring motorist or perhaps airplane pilot, and a Jupiter operating as a wheeler-dealer Mr Fixit (the only jarring thing in this production is one of the Nymphs, the three of them here tarted up as little French maids, performing fellatio on him while he pronounces from Mount Olympus).
Katherine Stinson Otero High Flyer by Neila Skinner Petrick (with exceptional pastel artwork illustrations by Daggi Wallace) is an entertaining picturebook biography of the life and adventures of Katherine Stinson Otero who was the fourth American woman to be certified as an airplane pilot in the earliest days of aviation.
If an airplane pilot needed a mask, he wore the same small box respirator (SBR) as the foot soldier.
The first young man, John, turned out to be a very good high school halfback and a splendid young man who is now an airplane pilot.
Soon the company payroll included Hammer's yacht captain, his airplane pilot, his chef, and even the farm hands on his estate breeding the prize bulls whose steroid-addled semen Hammer sold to unsuspecting ranchers.
Robin hopes that learning to fly a glider will help her reach another goal-becoming an airplane pilot.
Anderson was a licensed ham radio operator, certified diver and licensed airplane pilot, which was evident by his love of flying.
Huai-Ti Lin, lead researcher and a remote control airplane pilot.
A former licensed airplane pilot, he also provides clients with extensive expertise in aviation law, from courtroom litigation to purchases and sales.
In a nutshell: Future episodes find Wanda as an airplane pilot, a WNBA coach and yes, even a call girl.
Tell what you might like or dislike about each of these jobs: teacher, airplane pilot, architect, reporter, factory worker, doctor.
For instance, Renoir's La Liseuse (1877) and Lichtenstein's The Kiss (1962) both focus on single women -- one having an independent, quiet moment in a private setting; the other in a "larger than life" embrace with a handsome airplane pilot.
As the title implies, Buster will be on the road with his airplane pilot father.
He was a private airplane pilot for 30 years, with instrument and commercial ratings, and a member of the Worcester Area Pilots Association.