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How leadership behavior and employee training at FedEx Express turned airplane mechanics and other staff from skeptics into change agents.
Prior to Havelock, Purvis has served as a corporate pilot, an airframe and power plant mechanic and an instructor for both pilots and airplane mechanics.
Officials want to train more workers to be auto and airplane mechanics.
Enrollment at the Arkansas Aviation Technology Center at Fayetteville has jumped to 90, making it by far the largest airplane mechanics school in Arkansas.
At the time, the three other airplane mechanics schools in Arkansas had a total enrollment of 50 students.
About 700 airplane mechanics will be needed in northwest Arkansas between now and 2003, McCoy says.
Besides airplane mechanics, the software also is extremely useful to maintenance and engineering staffs in completing many technical assignments.
Military investigators fear a host of airplane mechanics with bogus certifications from a discredited Florida aviation school may be working on Air Force One and other military aircraft, Business Week reports.
The company also offers the Portable Maintenance Aid, a laptop-based digital troubleshooting tool for airplane mechanics.
With the TeamPad 7600, we made service manuals, inspection reports and airplane schematics available to airplane mechanics as read-only information.