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The airplane landing gear was suspended from the crane at the time, which was locked and not moving, and as the man began to work on the unit, the landing gear suddenly opened, pinching his hand and finger in the suspension struts.
This means that the policyholder will only be responsible for paying half of their deductible on that specific claim, as illustrated in the airplane landing gear claim.
where D = EI is the bending rigidity, E is modulus of elasticity, I is the cross sectional moment of inertia, [m.sub.s] denotes the mass per unit area, [rho] denotes density of fluid, [P.sub.E] denotes the external time-dependent loads acting on the VLFS due to a huge mass fall off or an airplane landing or take off, and the dynamic pressure P(x, y, -d, t) relates to the velocity potential on the bottom surface of the VLFS from the linearized Bernoulli's equation
The author tells how the island's invading snakes now hide in trees, airplane landing gear, and even toilets.
There's also a 16-car pile-up and the lowering of a giant airplane landing gear from the ceiling of the MEN Arena.
No larger infrastructure was yet in place for airplane landing, storage, maintenance, or continuing research and development.
The thought of having a 30,000-pound unmanned airplane landing on 300 feet on a carrier flight deck is "a tough sell," said Chenevey.
Fluid power can drive brakes, steering systems, airplane landing gears, construction and agricultural machinery and manufacturing robots.
Parcel 1, consisting of 1,500 acres, has an airplane landing strip, horse barn, trout stream with waterfalls and manor home that is not habitable.
Dubai has waived fees on 19 business activities related to aviation industry and airplane landing with a view to attracting more than Dh 1 billion in aviation sector investments, it was announced on Wednesday.
A witness saw the airplane landing with its right wing almost hitting the ground.
The Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan Riak Machar has denied any knowledge of reports of an Ethiopian airplane landing yesterday in Juba with heavy weapons.
A new navigation procedure for airplane landings 'Global Navigation Satellite System' was launched and presented today at the Sarajevo International Airport.
(I'm of Irish descent and spent the first 26 years of my life in that hothouse of unalloyed truculence, Philadelphia, PA.) As a child, my parents would take my sisters and I to the airport to boo successful airplane landings, and, of course, we always kept an enormous supply of rotten tomatoes in the pantry should anyone incredibly nice such as Dwight D.