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a letter sent by air mail

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Copy of airmail letter dated November 7, 1955 SINCE our last letter to you, I have completed the Masters degree and we have moved to the Islands where I am teaching mathematics and physics in the new Junior College here.
So, one can deduce, neither do we falteringly ask the price of a postcard in some foreign tabac or brave a poste to purchase an airmail letter. We can just sit on the hotel-supplied lounger and tap into our mobile, thus avoiding even the most stylized exchanged with the natives.
AN airmail letter sent to America has been returned to Julie Bradshaw's home in Felixstowe,Suffolk,just 47 years 17,155days to be exact after she posted it.The letter moved at apace of just 32 yards a day.It was froma previous occupant of the house telling her uncle and aunt in the States that her mum had died.
The FCUK beach towel designed like an airmail letter (pounds 30) is fun for the teenager, while Dad will get lots of use out of a white Benetton bathrobe (pounds 45).
One airmail letter, all the way from Australia, was simply sent to: "British Cycling Legend Brian Robinson, Mir-field, West Yorkshire, England."
To my amazement the envelope was returned to me requesting further postage for an airmail letter.
She wrote: "How can you feel `forgiven' Mr Nagase, if this particular former prisoner-of-war has not yet forgiven you?" On November 6, an airmail letter from Nagase arrived for Patti from Japan.
A blue flimsy airmail letter duly arrived and I ripped it open in excitement.
The price of an airmail letter to Europe will change from 37p to 38p from March.
She said that Sir Anthony, who played Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, had replied to her in a hand-written airmail letter saying that he felt he had been 'made the villain of the piece' when, in fact, he was not responsible for Barclays Bank.
Crammed in the loft space of a Harborne terrace is Enid's incredible story, told in airmail letters to her mother and sister, Joyce.
Airmail letters from Europe to India were unloaded from international airlines in a city called Karachi in the early 1930s.Later on, there was an issue that it took several days to send the mail to its intended destination by a train.
We relied on airmail letters for any word from back home.
Airmail letters cost 6p, ordinary letters 41/2p, postcards 31/2p and books, records and educational material goes at about a third of our rates.