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Synonyms for airmail

letters and packages that are transported by aircraft

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a system of conveying mail by aircraft

send or transport by airmail

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In contrast to free franking and V-Mail, airmail cost something, even for members of the armed forces.
Nine months later, in September 1919 and using Breguet 14 planes, the airmail link between France and its colony Morocco was launched, led by former fighter pilot Didier Daurat.
The airmail covers included ones sent to all parts of South America and, in the other direction, many parts of Europe.
A National Airmail Museum is designated (not funded) by the bill.
Saturday, December 9: Last post for airmail to Greece, Australia, and New Zealand.
The carpet mats are edged with the blue, white and red 'Airmail' motif.
Once the updated version is installed, users can set shortcuts and actions for the Airmail app by clicking View then selecting Customize Touch Bar.
Roger was stunned to discover a secret compartment, crammed with airmail love letters.
This includes reviewing the costs of airmail, resulting in the signing of numerous contracts through which Bahrain Post was able to reduce airmail tariffs by 35%.
Flying the Beam: Navigating the Early US Airmail Airways, 1917-1941
That was the day the first airmail letter was sent to Australia by Imperial Airways - one of the forerunners of British Airways - as it started a weekly mail service from the old Croydon airport in South London to Brisbane.
Airmail latest recommended posting dates for Christmas delivery are: ?
The Workplace Development Program brings together Airmail Maryland with Anne Arundel Workforce Development, Anne Arundel Community College, Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp., and the Maryland Small Business & Technology Development Center.
To avoid postal delays and losses use of airmail is strongly recommended.
You may not be aware that over the past 12 months or so, airmail letters and small parcels originating from the UK have been taking longer and longer to arrive at their Cyprus destination and this now frequently takes 2 -3 weeks.