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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Listed options are now available to market participants on the US Global Jets ETF (NYSE: JETS), the only global airline industry ETF on the market.
com looks at merger and acquisition trends in the global airline industry including a shift in focus from market share to profitability.
Sita joins Massachusetts institute of technology airline industry consortium
The US airline industry has been taken as an in-depth case study.
The airline industry has been rife with consolidation speculation this year as carriers continue to grapple with low fares and overcapacity.
All things considered the airline industry had a pretty good December and the outlook for the industry is improving,'' Becker said.
a Miami-based company that monitors the airline industry notes: "I am unaware of any airline that has been able to maintain profitability as a dedicated Florida carrier.
As the economy and the airline industry recovered, the jets were returned to service, leaving about 20 aircraft parked at the airport during the late 1990s.
By honing its decision-making and communication structure over time, the companies have been able to cope with and exploit the dynamics of the airline industry for more than 17 years," said Nick Palmer, a Partner with Accenture Ltd.
Unisys will continue to develop and offer its AirCore solution to the airline industry and airline service providers in addition to this new licensed provider.
Regulators must determine whether a consolidated airline industry would lower costs or merely reduce competition and drive prices higher, The New York Times editorial board writes.
The crippling of the nation's airline industry in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks could provide the final blow to the city's troubled plan to massively expand Los Angeles International Airport, aviation experts and economists say.
Risks to the 2007 outlook include the possible consolidation of the domestic airline industry, weaker than anticipated economic activity that could reduce demand for air travel, the rising cost of construction materials that may lead airports to use a higher degree of financial leverage, and/or an unexpected surge in fuel prices or other external events that could both weaken airline financial performance and reduce demand for air travel.
5bn to the airline industry and lifted it from a loss-making position as it provides a hedge against high fuel bills.
Harris, airline industry analyst at Salomon Smith Barney.
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