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a hose that carries air under pressure


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a commercial enterprise that provides scheduled flights for passengers

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Skyrocketing fuel prices alone have added 10% to operation costs in Peru, says Lupe Zevallos, chairman of Peru's AeroContinente airline. Currency devaluations in Brazil and Argentina have multiplied the cost of airlines' dollar-based debt.
airline's voting shares, of being "hell-bent on seizing control of the company." KLM retaliated by filing a suit that contends the U.S.
The National Commission to Ensure a Strong Competitive Airline Industry last August recommended that air-traffic control by corporatized, and the Air Transport Association (the airline trade group) has endorsed this proposal.
Some airline executives-and some economists argue that the airlines had no choice but to insulate themselves from unfettered price competition.
However, Talton cautions that airline mergers present risks and few have delivered promised benefits.
During a recent visit to Santiago, Peru's Transport Minister Luis Chang Reyes told local reporters, "Retaliation is not a valid reason to ground an airline."
Which brings us back to the dirty little secret of airline regulation.
So while the chances of catastrophe might be less than one in a million for the jet-weary, the risk is much greater for the traveling seed salesman going from one small town to another, or for the family using a commuter airline as a "spoke" to get to a major airline "hub," which has become the prevailing industry practice for linking small towns to big towns and beyond.
ATA called the proposed rule "complicated, convoluted and difficult to comprehend." It said the regulation is "unwarranted and should be withdrawn," adding that the NPRM "represents governmental micromanagement and interference in market forces to an extent not seen since the airline industry was deregulated in 1978." The interim rule implemented as of Jan.
Those price-conscious travelers may want to sacrifice comfort, reliability, and safety by choosing the cheapest airline to travel which is led by Frontier Airlines and ( Spirit Airlines followed by American Airlines, Envoy Air, and Delta Air Lines as most expensive flights, the study indicated.
The overall passenger load factor -- a measure of how well an airline fills its seats -- rose 1.2 percentage points to 75 percent.
American Airlines is supporting JAL through these tasks, as its prime oneworld sponsor, assisted by Cathay Pacific.
Historical data can show how full or how empty a plane flying a certain route on a certain day of the year might be, Based on that data, an airline could raise or lower the price of seats.
The airline industry is counting on SITA to help it meet these new challenges.
These airline upstarts are run by swaggering young CEOs whom the European press treat like rock stars, living up (or down) to the billing by issuing manly predictions of price war "bloodbaths" and pulling off daring publicity stunts, such as Irish carrier RyanAir's post September 11 sale of 1 million tickets for "free" (before taxes).Their companies have been rewarded with dot-com-bubble-like stock valuations--and the volatility that comes with them--while their long-haul counterparts dodder toward cutbacks, bankruptcy, and worse.