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Synonyms for airless

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Synonyms for airless

oppressive due to a lack of fresh air

marked by an absence of circulating air

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Synonyms for airless

lacking fresh air

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Obsessed with his own image -- and in Sirees's hands, so alone, preening and insecure that readers nearly empathize with the airlessness of his alienation -- he forces his subjects to show fealty, erecting an elaborate architecture of fear and intimidation to ensure their compliance.
The earlier date, 1918, is the first year a character in a film wore such an outfit--Melies' 1902 Voyage to the Moon has the astronomers (as he calls them, the term "astronaut" not having been invented yet) wearing elaborate coats and top hats, but nothing to protect them from airlessness on the lunar surface.
Chris Boicos suggests that there is a strangely mute quality to these often unpopulated landscapes, an airlessness: as if the artist cannot hear the full resonance of things, and compensates by use of bright colour and exaggerated form.
As of last inspection, all my ghosts are present and accounted for and, it appears, happy as if the terrible airlessness agreed with them.
How Do You Know has a stale quality, an airlessness, that vacuums the spontaneity from even its better scenes and there are some.
"[T]he author, who is gay himself, has created a set of gay characters so involved in their own feelings that these wither from sheer airlessness. ...
Kambili's description of the contrast between their commodious apartment and its airlessness is telling: "Although our spacious dining room gave way to an even wider living room, I felt suffocated" (7).
Nature-based appeals to the vivid blue and gray and green of the seas, the greens and browns of the land masses, and the white of the cloud cover and the polar ice caps potently contrasts with the blackness, emptiness, airlessness, and coldness of space.
Its airlessness is soporific in effect and unhappily you have to ask whether the work of any other artist of international repute is quite as dull and repetitious when seen in bulk.
is violent revolution--and even this burns itself out in airlessness.
But as Dan Lester argues in this month's Focal Point essay (page 110), the Moon-despite its airlessness and two-week-long nights--isn't such a great place to put telescopes after all.
The opposite of the Abbey's brilliant airlessness was DruidSynge, a marathon presentation of John Millington Synge's oeuvre staged at the Olympia by Galway's Druid theater company.
Bacteria can grow in extremes of temperature, pH, pressure, carbon availability, and airlessness; they can photosynthesize; they can metabolize inorganic and organic materials to reproduce and grow.
We would not necessarily notice airlessness because the frequency response of the later, reverberant field would be timbrally similar to the early-arriving sounds, even if much quieter.