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Synonyms for airing

Synonyms for airing

the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate

a short excursion (a walk or ride) in the open air

the act of supplying fresh air and getting rid of foul air


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We have seen the Campanile, and Byron's house and Balbi's the geographer, and the palaces of all the ancient dukes and doges of Venice, and we have seen their effeminate descendants airing their nobility in fashionable French attire in the Grand Square of St.
Cook, Tom,' said the fat lady, still airing herself as aforesaid.
Raffles uttered these blasphemies under his breath, not, I am afraid, out of any respect for my one redeeming profession, but because we were taking a midnight airing on the roof, after a whole day of June in the little flat below.
And he wagged his helmet at my invalid, who had taken his airing in frock-coat and top-hat, the more readily to assume his present part.
The unsuspecting Sloppy was at that moment airing his many buttons within view of the window.
Many were the colloquies into which Sam entered with grooms who were airing horses on roads, and nursemaids who were airing children in lanes; but nothing could Sam elicit from either the first-mentioned or the last, which bore the slightest reference to the object of his artfully-prosecuted inquiries.
Mr Brass remained airing himself at the fire, and resumed his vocal exercise, and his seraphic smile, simultaneously.
com) announced its 2013 starter package for television advertising which includes the production of a national broadcast quality 30 second commercial, and 1,000 airings of the commercial at .
5 percent of the minimum for the 13th rerun and subsequent airings thereafter, a figure that is particularly important to actors.
The initial airings will be in the form of "interstitials"--three- and four-minute segments--and if all goes well, half-hour episodes will start shooting in the spring.
Avisana is gearing up for plans to buy advertising media for its Vibro Shape[TM] belt long-term TV infomercial to make test airings of its 28-minute Vibro Shape[TM] infomercial program.
Mark Liddell, President of Stardust Broadcasting Operations explained "We have expanded our DRTV Starter Package that provides products an inexpensive and effective way to have a commercial aired nationally 945 times to include airings on Fox News on select stations.
It received credit for 10 program airings (including five different episodes of the family-friendly series ``7th Heaven'') at an average of $433,500 each.
The special has two airings on KABC-TV in Los Angeles June 3 and July 2, with double runs also in Washington D.
Testing of the soap opera channel in Chicago and Houston revealed that it actually drove more viewers to the daytime airings because more people got into the habit of watching soaps, Sweeney said.