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Synonyms for airiness

Synonyms for airiness

the property of something spacious and abounding in fresh air

the property of something weightless and insubstantial


lightness in movement or manner

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GRAND DESIGN The detached Victorian villa exudes the airiness and period charm associated with the time, including fireplaces and cornices
Aimer, Asia's leading luxury lingerie brand famed for advanced technology and innovation, presents a range of cutting-edge shape wear that combines previously incompatible features: shaping properties coupled with a feel-nothing airiness.
For the magnificent glass panoramic roof does its job of emphasising a feeling of airiness, space and freedom really well and is one of the most memorable features on a car which really does deliver what it promises.
We've redecorated everywhere, mainly in light colours to emphasise the airiness of the rooms.
Some of the plastics are still a bit iffy but there's a new sense of toughness and solidity - and of airiness.
The spaciousness and airiness of the Toledo make it extremely practical, as well as being a good car to drive.
CEILING YOU can add to the height of your hallway by painting the ceiling in a light colour; pale colours enhance a sense of space and airiness,especially when contrasted with bolder wall colours.
The long drawn out phrases played with a single breath, the subtlety of intonation and sound colour, and the omnipresent impression of airiness and floating .
The modern decor, furniture and accessories inside were chosen by Barbara to enhance the house's light airiness and the overall effect is minimalist but inviting.
The interior is characterised by airiness, space and quality materials.
An atrium gives the dining area a great feeling of airiness and space and also helps lose some of the cigarette smoke.
Not resembling the real Nijinsky at all, nor possessing Nijinsky's genial airiness, let alone his androgynous charisma--he is not strictly a classical dancer but he dances all the prince roles.
My sculptures acknowledge the airiness and light of Los Angeles,'' said Dreager, whose work for the exhibit includes oversize artificial insects embedded in resin.
Windows in the upper-level side walls and a circular skylight above the landing add to the airiness.