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Synonyms for airiness

Synonyms for airiness

the property of something spacious and abounding in fresh air

the property of something weightless and insubstantial


lightness in movement or manner

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Porcelain was much closer to what his drawings already showed: delicateness and airiness.
One of the things that impressed me most about the C3 was the feeling of space and airiness on the inside.
Colour schemes for the furniture, fittings and soft furnishings play on the elements of earth and water throughout the villa and were selected to maximise light and airiness across the living spaces.
The straightforward airiness of director Lonny Price's approach to this staged concert has benefits in other, absurdly outdated aspects of the 1946 show, such as the depiction of Sitting Bull (Joseph Anthony Foronda) as a cliche-spouting matchmaker.
I don't know if that has anything to do with my wife's alleged superior driving techniques or the airiness of the Cherokee, I prefer to believe it's the latter.
Wide windows around the Fiesta give off a feel of airiness, and with doors that open wide , entering and exiting is a cinch.
He has succeeded in creating an intensely enjoyable book, one that bends between forms and yet feels strangely unified, a novel with the stolidity of concrete and the airiness of an eighth-floor apartment lacking an exterior wall.
Chaplinesque, Ronda kept the plume aloft by blowing on it as he traversed the stage, the contrast between the heft of the brick and the airiness of the white wisp providing the perfect release.
The largest of the new rooms is the 56 metre square Loft Suite, which will showcase a cleverly engineered retractable glass roof, which automatically closes if it rains, and adds to the feeling of airiness in the open plan design.
The huge glass roof and panoramic rear window also add to the airiness of the immaculately-laid out interior.
I love the airiness, the use of natural light and, at times, the whimsical exteriors.
The airiness and sense of being raised from the ground is manifest, to somewhat vertiginous effect, in the perforated zone between inner and outer layers of the office decks and, in a strikingly topographical way, on the communal terraces that interrupt the vertical extrusion of the decks at entry, second floor and fifth floor levels respectively.
There's always been something sunny about the music of pianist Ramsey Lewis - the grooves he sets up and the musical flavours he prefers have a light, airiness that acts like a cool breeze.
Observations I have seen clearly the deep sky cover you, The spaces around you, the beautiful calm Distance in your glance and airiness over you.
She brings a fresh airiness to "Hush, ye pretty warbling quite" and a graceful lilt to "As when the dove," both in Act I.