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Synonyms for airiness

Synonyms for airiness

the property of something spacious and abounding in fresh air

the property of something weightless and insubstantial


lightness in movement or manner

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This sense of light and airiness is also a dominant feature throughout the house and Pauline's use of white throughout provide the perfect backdrop for her furniture and various objects.
Another strength is his individual flute playing, avoiding light weight airiness in favour of a heavy-breathing attack, often climaxing by vocalising deep harmonic tones into the instrument.
The light and feeling of airiness in each room is fresh and welcoming.
'There was just this feeling of openness, airiness, the fact we could leave the roof space open was great,' she said.
The height means there's acres of glass, providing not only super visibility from the raised seats but a cabin of outstanding airiness. Go for the double sunroof option and the Modus is a kind of mobile conservatory.
It's even better at the front where the tall build means considerable glazed areas, and there's an excellent airiness about the interior.
Driving pleasure is increased by the glasshouse effect of the Fiat's interior: there's lashings of glass area and I love the deep-sided windows which further emphasise a feeling of spaciousness and airiness.
But by making the right choices, you can open your home up to give an impression of airiness on the hottest of days.
Its airiness appeals to women of all forms as it easily accommodates all shapes through lightweight fabrication that perfectly suits the tropical temperament of the country.
Keeping the bannisters open creates more light and airiness, but you can still hint at the effect of a wall by adding pendant lights and hanging plants.
Its design team has "crafted unique and striking frames whose appearance and performance are a tribute to the airiness and symmetry of melody."
This also helps release dust and oil particles from the roots and creates a feeling of freshness and airiness
Creating that airiness is a matter of separating the eggs and beating the whites, then folding them into the batter.
Now, though, the Sweden-based company is embracing warm-weather strolls with its black Eli M RB9X.This Icebug original is perfect for summer walking and living, combining the airiness of a sports sandal with the casual sportiness of a great looking sneaker.