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Synonyms for airily

Synonyms for airily

in a flippant manner


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Nowhere is the focus on the future more evident than in the Welsh Government's aptly if somewhat airily named Well-being of Future Generations Bill, its long-awaited and finally published legislation on sustainable development.
Sure, abla," he replied airily and wheeled out a mare who certainly looked docile enough.
Single-sex schools can find their co-ed competitors irritatingly smug when they talk airily about being "closer to real life": meanwhile the co-eds get wound up by claims from single-sex supporters who insist that adolescents end up more interested in each other than in learning.
Bolt's first defeats at the Jamaican championships since his breakthrough Olympic year in 2008 will hurt him, for all that he tried to dismiss them fairly airily afterwards.
Passing through color-changing accent walls, travelers come into airily vast space awash in rich browns, warm golds, and glowing, natural light, lined in stone and exuberant flowers, and have at every fingertip amenities recalling the countryOs regularly top-ranking hotels.
Because he is caught out in every single fact, he airily dismisses historical events and dates as of no importance.
Mr Hemming states airily that some of those who would lose their jobs "will be unemployed for a while".
A third of all our food, and half our fruits and vegetables, contains traces of chemicals designed to kill things, yet the cocktail effect is airily dismissed, each residue is conveniently considered in isolation and risk assessment is based on calculations carried out in the 1950s and a few tests on rats.
Yet I search in vain in his essay for a serious refutation of the "facts and figures" he so airily waves aside.
It is one thing for former government representatives to airily dismiss international law as regards Palestinian refugees' rights in exchange for an Israeli agreement to share Jerusalem, which is not legally Israel's to share.
Berman -- who is often sensible -- airily suggested that the Turks should not allow their relations with the U.
Instead, the paper of broken-record mused airily about "white-supremacist views" and conjured up the ghosts of "Know-Nothings and the Klan.
Either he doesn't know, or airily dismisses, the research done over years in many countries and involving thousands of children, that shows there is no such link.
air*i*ly \'er-[schwa]-l[macron over e]\ adverb <He airily dismissed our worries.