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Synonyms for airily

Synonyms for airily

in a flippant manner


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To which the youth replied, "The heat and my poverty are the reason of my travelling so airily, and it is to the wars that I am bound.
Then you'll never know what a good steward you've missed, sir," Daughtry responded airily.
You will excuse my anxiety, Miss Morstan," he remarked, airily.
That was why Bill had not seen Claire from where he sat; and the reason that he had not seen her when he left his seat and began to dance was that he was not one of your dancers who glance airily about them.
What we want is to administer a tonic to the Conference in Milan," he said airily.
It is a Brexit for the ideological hard right and we go down that path at our great peril, especially for Northern Ireland and the hard-won peace and democratic process which, tragically, this Government seems so airily causal about and so ignorantly indifferent to.
Alastair Cook airily feathered one behind off Vernon Philander, Keaton Jennings should have reviewed his lbw at the hands of the same bowler and Gary Ballance was pinned back by the extra pace of Morne Morkel.
When you had a baby, doctors would breeze in and out of your hospital room airily calling you "Mom," as if your given name had suddenly disappeared along with your placenta.
You can hear both in the accompaniment to Kenneth Tarver's "II mio tesoro," as finely sung as his Act I "Dalla sua pace," with its airily embellished second verse--a statement that hints at two characteristics of Currentzis's Don: it's a more-than-complete hybrid version, with all Mozart's Vienna variants blended in to the Prague original, and it's chockablock with appoggiature and other ornamentation, all of it, to my mind, stylish and effective.
A good example still standing is the Alpha Tower - the space around the building allows it to fit well and float airily in its surroundings.
Commentators talk airily about Hodgson's heroes winning the competition but I suspect they (like me) really expect it will be an early bath and back on the bus to Blighty.
One typical approach is to bypass altogether what takes place and airily blame pro-lifers for appealing to the emotions.
So it must make medics despair to hear the Scottish Government airily wave away concerns about the number of operations cancelled because of a lack of resources.
Still, they retain their lightness; sometimes they appear to float airily, while elsewhere they grip together like organs held firm by skin.
For daytime, it's hottest if the shadow is applied airily to your top lid and paired up with just peachy lip balm.