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Synonyms for airily

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Synonyms for airily

in a flippant manner


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References in classic literature ?
To which the youth replied, "The heat and my poverty are the reason of my travelling so airily, and it is to the wars that I am bound."
'We have changed the subject!' exclaimed Eugene, airily. 'We have found a new one in that word, scout.
"Yep, I do," Billy answered airily. "You're a recordbreaker at rough-housin'." (Here Long's face showed pleasure.) "You ought to have the Police Gazette diamond belt for rough-bousin' baby buggies'.
Little Pearl's unwonted mood of sentiment lasted no longer;she laughed, and went capering down the hall so airily, that old Mr.
Thus airily chatting, after a pleasant drive through a few miles of beautiful scenery, we reached the rendezvous--a ruined castle--where the rest of the picnic-party were already assembled.
"Then you'll never know what a good steward you've missed, sir," Daughtry responded airily.
"You will excuse my anxiety, Miss Morstan," he remarked, airily. "I am a great sufferer, and I have long had suspicions as to that valve.
That was why Bill had not seen Claire from where he sat; and the reason that he had not seen her when he left his seat and began to dance was that he was not one of your dancers who glance airily about them.
"What we want is to administer a tonic to the Conference in Milan," he said airily. "Its deliberations upon international action for the suppression of political crime don't seem to get anywhere.
'There is an engagement between them, of course?' said Clennam airily.
The border in Ireland will become the obvious, hard frontier that Brexiteers airily promise cannot happen.
Nathan Rimmington drove airily at Wright and edged a catch behind, Eckersley gave Wright the charge and succeeded only in lobbing a simple catch to mid-off and Chris Rushworth swung across the line at Davis to go leg before.
Johnson hints airily at suspending Parliament to get a No Deal Brexit.
On the latest edition of Question Time, a once respected programme, that man airily said: 'Oh, you will see some policies soon' in between loudly interrupting anyone who tried to question his simplistic statements.
Old Trafford's leaking roof, the result of a pre-match thunderstorm, was almost symbolic of the current condition of United as City - once airily dismissed as "the noisy neighbours" by Sir Alex Ferguson - brutally emphasised their vast superiority with a punishing performance to take a measure of control in the Premier League title race.