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Synonyms for airy

Synonyms for airy

of or relating to air

imposingly high

exposed to or characterized by the presence of freely circulating air or wind

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

displaying light-hearted nonchalance

Synonyms for airy

open to or abounding in fresh air


Related Words

not practical or realizable

having little or no perceptible weight

Related Words

characterized by lightness and insubstantiality

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Unlike the ale-drinkers in Adriaen van Ostade's better lit and airier Peasants at an Inn nearby, Brouwer's tipplers do not seem to be actually enjoying themselves.
Going up, the building spaces become larger, lighter and airier.
Yet one ounce of the denser cereals, such as Grape Nuts, fills only one-quarter of a cup, while one ounce of the airier cereals, like Cheerios, fills one and one-quarter cups.
With that in mind, staff hope this year to move it to a much bigger, airier room on the building's first floor - at a cost of more than pounds 30,000.
Bus stops are also to be more wheelchair friendly, with raised kerbs for easier boarding and new shelters will be airier and well lit.
making the room feel much more spacious; LOUNGE Pippa's home office was squeezed into a corner by the TV, so George moved it and created space with sleek new furnishings; KITCHEN To keep costs down, the units were kept but painted white to give a lighter, airier feel.
The new fixtures are notably lower than typical Wal-Mart fixtures, which gives the department an airier feel and clearer sight lines.
This and the optional panoramic roof gives the car a lighter and airier interior.
And don't forget that because there is more natural light around at this time of year, any paint colours you choose are likely to look lighter and airier than they will in the winter months.
Classrooms themselves are larger, more flexible, lighter and airier than standard classroom, features that create a good ambiance for learning.
If they're used as a substitute for curtains they give the impression of an airier, cooler room.