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Synonyms for airy

Synonyms for airy

of or relating to air

imposingly high

exposed to or characterized by the presence of freely circulating air or wind

so light and insubstantial as to resemble air or a thin film

displaying light-hearted nonchalance

Synonyms for airy

open to or abounding in fresh air


Related Words

not practical or realizable

having little or no perceptible weight

Related Words

characterized by lightness and insubstantiality

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If the room does not have enough natural light, you are better off going for lighter colours that will reflect back light into the room, making it feel airier.
Whitney is broaching a lighter, airier approach to color.
The tee box is a lot airier as a result and you can now actually see the 14th green when you play your approach shot.
This performance had a different approach, the pace was slightly quicker, the textures lighter and airier and throughout the work Gergiev and his players ensured the music always danced.
"But following the refurbishment it will provide a much brighter, airier and more attractive environment for patients and staff."
The dark gray walls make the space a moody contrast to the airier main room.
With a bar area at the back, a judiciously placed mirror and open hatch to the kitchen, it seems both bigger than airier than it did before.
The 18th century is considered the golden age of lacemaking, by which time new fabrics such as the cottons and embroidered muslins, had a major impact and influenced the development of lighter, airier lace that was popular across the world.
What we hoped to achieve is a fresh, current look that is airier and more readable.
In an industry first, the passenger airbag is housed in the roof, freeing up the dash area to feel lighter and airier. The front seat is bench-like but only seats two and cost and weight has been taken out of the rear with the simple, non-split rear seat and the basic front-hinged rear windows.
Reality, thankfully, is far airier. Everywhere from Bloomington to Beverly Hills, our freedoms are doing just fine.
Switching to airier footwear's taken its toll on my tired tootsies, and I've been punished with cramps and aches.
If, in the interests of impartiality and honesty, I'm to put my Moseleyite tendancies to one side, I have to say I prefer the place in Harbs - the modern decor is airier, lighter and less cramped.
This reallocation isn't as radical as it might seem as the 2014 Highlander feels roomier, airier, arid much more luxurious.
Sofas, armchairs and coffee tables with exposed or raised legs can make a room feel airier as you can see underneath them.