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a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly

a hole that allows the passage of air

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Disk retouched: raised single-line cross with four filling holes in quarterings; large airhole at edge of disk and grooves from airhole to wick hole.
Both sites, which we see only at night, are characterized by brightly lit and colorful signage-- Ahab's complete with a revolving whale that blows out steam through its airhole. The spaces are also the sites of some of the film's most aggressive cinematography.
(As though to cap off its charm, a cloud of bubbles bursts from the airhole at the top of its head like a cheery exclamation point.) Showing such peaceful creatures in such a grim setting might make for heavy-handed commentary, but Wojtasik clearly intends that this juxtaposition should communicate more than the standard environmentalist doctrine.
The man said: "You would be OK in there with an airhole. Off to the woods for fun and a burial," he continued.
That everyone (except every single artist I know) seemed to agree that assume vivid astro focus was the hottest thing since Wendy Airhole (because they dared to create retro-poppy, theme park-like environments rather than small, handmade things?).
Rescuers in Somerset, Pennsylvania, drilled a six inch-wide airhole and made contact.
Ho, "Selective opening of airholes in photonic crystal fiber," Optics Letters, vol.
We'd only been in the shop for seconds when Molly, like a homing pigeon, found her way to the cage, where tiny Ronny was sleeping soundly with his little brothers, blissfully unaware that the nice shop assistant would soon scoop him out, stick him in a cardboard box and then hand him to a delighted six-year-old, who would then giggle all the way home as his little pink nose poked through the airholes.
Badgers were placed in a recovery barrel made from a 200 L opaque plastic barrel with cutout airholes, and fitted with a removable lid that could be clamped securely.
That will make a couple of airholes so you can breathe." He began applying wet plaster over the strips.
Then cover, leaving airholes, and put in a cold, dark cupboard.
There's sparkly collars, navy blue hoodies, a doggy T-shirt by Jimmy Chew or a dog carrying case with airholes, emblazoned with the brand name Pucci.
Mrs Greenwood said: "It had very few airholes and when I touched it it felt very hot."