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Monday night's intrasquad scrimmage, played before a wild crowd of 5,000 at UC Santa Barbara's Thunderdome, certainly showed the wrinkles - errant passes, air balls, airheaded plays.
Anything to break-up the monotonous niceness of this airheaded hunk.
When he becomes hopelessly infatuated with an airheaded American actor (Jason Priestley, nicely joshing his own image), he travels to the young man's Long Island hometown, where he sets a foredoomed seduction plan in motion.
But unlike airheaded Tiffany, played by Martine McCutcheon, Lisa is a new breed of sex object.
Love and Death on Long Island: Modern satire of ``Death in Venice,'' in which stuffy English writer John Hurt falls head-over-heels infatuated with airheaded teen screen idol Jason Priestley.
Verhoeven also has some multimedia fun, a la the airheaded news reports in ``RoboCop,'' with Internet info flashes designed to ``inform'' and indoctrinate the home front.
Stuart's airheaded roommate Ricky (Mark Matheisen) is a handsome bartender/ladies man/actor in that order - he's elated to have been chosen the new Tidy Bowl Man and is worried about turning 30 and starting to find gray hairs.
During her five years on ``SNL'' Dunn breathed reality into airheaded talk show hostess Pat Stevens and other characters whose oddball tics inspired scores of stand-up imitators.
So, quite naturally, the airheaded pretty boy Frank (Tim Daly) gets the next promotion by closing a big deal in a strip club.