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Due to the rapid effect of inhalants, the user feels almost instantly puzzled, airheaded, tingling, and befuddled.
In today's supercharged environment, where deals are done at the touch of a smartphone button rather than face to face, youth counts for everything: tyro screenwriters are treated like geniuses by airheaded producers determined to establish themselves as quickly as possible.
The other extreme can be found in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, as Sam Sparks, the broadcast meteorologist, repeatedly has moments of excited scientific jargon followed by a moment of pause, mumbled stuttering, an "I mean...," and a girly laugh or trite airheaded phrase typical of a weather girl.
THOSE two airheaded young women arrested in Lima, Peru, carrying coke worth PS1.5 million are, of course, innocent.
She adds, slightly fiercely: "But I'm not romantic or airheaded like that."
With no-one to throw out airheaded comments about the clothes after the show (oh!
ECHO Beach may be all washed up but I think we can live without Jason Donovan, Martine McCutcheon and those airheaded surf kids, can't we?
ONE of our resolutions for 2008 was to be less mean to airheaded celebrities and pompous politicians.