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a flighty scatterbrained simpleton

a bridgehead seized by airborne troops

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"I believe that, far from being a luxury in our lives, the arts and culture are a necessity" Actor Kevin Spacey "A piece of television for airheads, starring an airhead" Actor Charles Dance on TV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend "Our economy has experienced a massive heart attack, with the banks at its centre.
Thank you to both - the airhead could have been carrying a knife - so very many thanks to my helpers who didn't pass on the other side!
LIKE, DUR: Paris Hilton has said it's hard pretending to be an airhead all the time.
It was left to a couple of her airhead camp companions to console her.
But I do try to not come across as a total airhead, maybe because I still live in Scotland and not Hollywoodland.
Gemma Garrett, aka Miss Great Britain, would have you know that she is not the typical blonde airhead that might be associated with the term beauty queen.
There will be two shows by Bruce Airhead as he vanishes inside a giant pumpkin, with the fancy-dress contest at 2pm.
EASTENDERS babe Kara Tointon plays a real airhead on screen - and now she's pumped loads of it into her tyres as well.
In addition to Sordid Lives (due out in January), she can be seen in a recurring role on Popular playing Cherry Cherry, the insanely over-the-top mom of the school's richest airhead, and she's starting in a new sitcom, DAG, playing first lady to David Alan Grier's Secret Service agent.
Richard Cohen of The Washington Post, in writing about the Dugan affair, referred to the general as a "talkative flyboy airhead." Could Cohen's scorn have something to do with his six months' active-duty experience as an Army clerical worker?
Is Ryan Airhead really so dim that he thought none of the 53 cameras would catch his latenight Airhead: Lee Ryan dash to join Jasmine Nobody beneath the space sheet?
Summary: Paris Hilton claims her baby voice and "airhead" image is all an act.
"A piece of television for airheads, starring an airhead." - Actor Charles Dance on TV show Paris Hilton's British Best Friend.
London, Aug 13 (ANI): Gosford Park star Charles Dance has branded Paris Hilton's new show British Best Friend as "a show for airheads, starring an airhead".
Rich airhead Paris Hilton isn't cuddling up to jungle animals - it's an April fool.