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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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Rooted in the airgun industry, Crosman remains the market leader in airguns, airgun ammunition, and consumables.
The UK Government announced a review into airgun ownership rules after a 13-yearold boy, Benjamin Wragg, died after being shot by an airgun.
Denbighshire has the worst record in Wales for reported airgun attacks on animals.
As the person who founded, organizes and promotes the Texas Airgun Show, I, along with others involved, planned for a record turnout in this fourth year of the show.
We understand this challenge and have worked with dealers to provide a solution," said Joe Huston, VP and general manager of the SIG SAUER Airgun Division.
OWNERS of baseball bats, knives and razors are far more likely to cause you bodily harm than owners of airguns - and do MSPs really think a piece of paper will stop a moron getting their hands on an airgun?
You see things like this at gun shows, so why not at airgun shows, too?
The most accepted method of benchresting a spring piston airgun is to rest the offhand palm up on a sandbag and lightly grasp the forend of the rifle in the palm of the hand so that recoil is absorbed totally by the body of the shooter.
Crosman is the exclusive world-wide licensee for Bushmaster airsoft, Marlin airguns and Marine Airsoft products and is the exclusive licensee of Nitro Piston Technology.
AIRGUN owners who fail to keep their weapons away from children will be fined up to pounds 1,000 from next month, crime prevention minister James Brokenshire said.
The move was welcomed by the parents of Andrew Morton, who died in 2005, aged two, after he was hit in the head by an airgun pellet in Easterhouse, Glasgow.
It represents a major change of heart by the Westminster Government - as late as March last year, the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith again rejected calls for airgun laws to be devolved.
Rebecca Doughty of Llanfaethlu with Coco the kitten, who survived an airgun shooting - two others in his litter died, which has added to the calls for a crackdown on airgun ownership
Campaigners yesterday called for legislation to make airgun owners liable for their misuse after an 18-month-old boy was shot in the head with one of the weapons.
In the 21st century, the question remains: How come there are such tight controls for pistols and shotguns, but any airgun can be propped up in the bedroom or kitchen?