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transport (cargo) by air

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The Fresh Produce Consortium has lobbied hard for a balanced approach when considering the benefits of airfreighted produce for growers in developing countries.
Even some bulky goods are airfreighted - for instance cement has been carried by air to Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, and bricks to Lebanon.
The concept of buying 'local' ignored the fact total airfreighted fruit and veg only made up 0.
The Soil Association focused on airfreight as a prime contributor to global warming even though emissions for organic produce airfreighted from sub-Saharan Africa are less than 0.
Tesco and M&S have admitted that their much-trumpeted initiatives to badge airfreighted fruit and vegetables have had no impact on sales.
But after four months of consultation over whether airfreighted produce can have organic status, the SA has decided to force licensees to cut their reliance on air freight and meet tough ethical trading standards.