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the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)

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Airframes Alaska has created business relationships with some of Alaska's mod designers that allow the company to build those modifications into its custom Super Cub frames.
Andrews began his 17-year tenure at Duncan Aviation as an Airframe Technician after graduating from the Michigan Institute of Aeronautics with his A&P license.
Finmeccanica's helicopter unit AgustaWestland has taken delivery of the first complete Future Lynx airframe from GKN.
Static and durability testing for two short takeoff, vertical landing airframes will be performed at the Lockheed Martin Engineering Structural Test Facility in Fort Worth, Texas.
In Mojave, the first racing plane's airframe was recently delivered to XCOR for the installation of its liquid oxygen and kerosene-fueled engine.
Airframe tests include airframe/drive system/rotor stability and development; power plant and airframe structure performance; load and vibration limits; drive system torsion stability; fuel, fire detection and extinguishing systems; maximum and minimum temperature monitoring plus heat and cooling surveys; icing systems development; engine inlet distortion; ground and air resonance; and radar cross section testing.
An overweight airframe results in decreased passenger capacity, reduced range and reduced weapons payload and could ultimately lead to the cancellation of aircraft programs.
By changing from different helicopters to one common airframe modified to fit mission requirements, many training obstacles vanish.
Astech will be merged into GKN Aerospace Chemtronics, which already supplies airframes to the F22 fighter programme in the US.
Its products are used to support structures for high stress military airframes.
What started as a means of relieving pressure on the overburdened airframes has turned into a major transportation endeavor, totaling nearly 700 truck movements.
Bullen and McKenzie tested the airframes of eight microbat species in the Coolgardie Region of WA for flight performance, stability and control, and came up with a novel classification of bat flight manoeuvres.
For a fraction of the cost of the proposed B-1B "enhancements," the current fleet of B-52s could be modified to carry America past the year 2000--to a time when we might more easily afford to acquire more B-2 airframes or examine possible new alter, natives.
Latest offering helps engineers capture and share product design data in a single master model to reduce errors and streamline manufacture of complex airframes and assemblies