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the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)

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M2 EQUITYBITES-May 4, 2017-FlightHouse Engineering to design, manufacture VTOL airframe
Because of these technological advances, these airframes are even more reliant on mission planning for effective employment.
Airframes Alaska has created business relationships with some of Alaska's mod designers that allow the company to build those modifications into its custom Super Cub frames.
When I purchased my 180, there was a lovely machined iPad bracket mounted to an overhead hard point where the windshield and airframe attach (an attachment point appropriate for a visor.) The eight-inch aluminum bracket was obviously custom-machined and not off the shelf.
When doing aircraft daily and pre-flight inspections, double-check your helicopter airframe for missing, loose or incorrect hardware and fix the problem.
Whether in his descriptions of the history of an air campaign or the genesis and performance of an airframe, Bowman has covered the breadth and width of almost all subjects pertaining to Anglo-American aviation in his varied books and contributions to aviation journals such as Flight International, Rolls-Royce Magazine, Aeroplane Monthly in Britain, Air Combat, Air Classics, and Air Progress.
The airframe technician charged with removing the good actuator was a seasoned maintainer but only had been working on P-3Cs for about a year.
Kondor makes and sells them the airframes, pre-mounts the engine and electronics.
Static and durability testing for two short takeoff, vertical landing airframes will be performed at the Lockheed Martin Engineering Structural Test Facility in Fort Worth, Texas.
Airframe tests include airframe/drive system/rotor stability and development; power plant and airframe structure performance; load and vibration limits; drive system torsion stability; fuel, fire detection and extinguishing systems; maximum and minimum temperature monitoring plus heat and cooling surveys; icing systems development; engine inlet distortion; ground and air resonance; and radar cross section testing.
Second, it determined that their lives were co-extensive with the airframes on which they were mounted.
When pilots and maintainers want to change airframes, they must attend formal training for each airframe.
California-based Astech's technology uses welded titanium and alloy steel honeycomb panels to produce noise reduction structures for commercial aircraft and to support structures for military airframes.
Its products are used to support structures for high stress military airframes.
"What started as a means of relieving pressure on the overburdened airframes has turned into a major transportation endeavor, totaling nearly 700 truck movements.