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the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)

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ASG is the 2nd largest operating unit within the company's Component Solutions Group ("CSG") and has oversight of all global airframe component offerings.
Today, there are 65 dedicated Falcon airframe technicians at Duncan Aviations Battle Creek location, consisting of three airframe teams and one structures team; they work around the clock.
Early in the Cirrus fleet's development, for example, the idea of an airframe parachute was widely poo-pooed by the old sticks at airfields throughout the country.
Static and durability testing for two short takeoff, vertical landing airframes will be performed at the Lockheed Martin Engineering Structural Test Facility in Fort Worth, Texas.
The squadron tests the weapons as well as their compability with a particular airframe.
The first major airframe parts for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme went through the production line late last year at Brek Manufacturing in California.
It needed to move a 747-400F airframe that weighed 675,000 pounds without using the plane's own power systems.
Engineering group GKN bolstered its aerospace business yesterday by landing cutting edge US airframe and engine products group Astech for pounds 22 million.
ENGINEERING group GKN bolstered its aerospace business yesterday by landing the US airframe and engine products group Astech.
They looked at how the airframe designs of smart insect-eating bats relate to ecology and flight capability, in particular flight speed, foraging strategy, microhabitat use and mobility.
GAIN offers a service whereby Boeing will manage the supply chain for expandable airframe spare parts, used to maintain KLM's fleet of Boeing aircraft, and those of other airlines, which contract maintenance services to KLM E&M.
In Situation 1, the taxpayer incurred $2 million to perform a D check on the airframe of an aircraft acquired in 1984 for $15 million (excluding engines).
Despite contractor promises and expensive bench-tests, the system proved unreliable when placed on the B-1B airframe.
NYSE: PX), today announced the commissioning of a dedicated production cell for applying metallic and ceramic coatings to airframe components.