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the framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)

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Once again, this series aims at providing in-depth information for those looking for details about a specific airframe. If airplanes are an interest to the reader, the book is an easy enough read to further educate oneself.
Kondor makes and sells them the airframes, pre-mounts the engine and electronics.
He said: "Shortly after the launch, the airframe malfunctioned.
The Airframe is designed with portability in mind, typically weighing just 4kg and featuring a user friendly carrying handle that enables the unit to be used whenever and wherever it is needed.
The company's new software, ICE-flow Library and GlyphWorks, will track and manage the airframe test data, Burt said.
The squadron tests the weapons as well as their compability with a particular airframe. Supercavitating projectiles, with the ability to hit underwater mines, have been tested, as well as the Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System and a laser-guided 2.75-inch folding fin aerial rocket.
Citing industry standards, it claimed that the engine, APU and airframe were functionally interdependent; thus, the "unit of property" was the entire aircraft.
The first major airframe parts for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) programme went through the production line late last year at Brek Manufacturing in California.
The first is the design and certification of a suitable airframe and the second deals with the choice of manufacturer.
The milestone was celebrated by ceremonies at the airframe manufacturer's facilities in Toulous, France and Hamburg, Germany.
It needed to move a 747-400F airframe that weighed 675,000 pounds without using the plane's own power systems.
Engineering group GKN bolstered its aerospace business yesterday by landing cutting edge US airframe and engine products group Astech for pounds 22 million.
ENGINEERING group GKN bolstered its aerospace business yesterday by landing the US airframe and engine products group Astech.
They looked at how the airframe designs of smart insect-eating bats relate to ecology and flight capability, in particular flight speed, foraging strategy, microhabitat use and mobility.
The E&M division is the maintenance, repair and overhaul organisation of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, providing airframe, component and engine maintenance services to KLM and more than 50 other airlines.