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'There is significant market demand for airfoil repairs and we are delighted to be expanding the facility to cater to our customer's needs,' commented Wim van Beers, Managing Director, ASSB.
Meanwhile, Airfoil Services chief executive officer Wim van Beers said the company allocated US$15 million in investment for the extension with completion expected in June next year.
Advanced Airfoil Components will hire workers for a range of skilled positions, including technical engineers, manufacturing technicians and production workers, as well as human resources, finance, procurement and logistics, and operations roles.
Wind Turbine Airfoils and Blades: Optimization Design Theory
In Section 3, the unsteady aerodynamics and aeroelastic responses of a NACA 64A010 airfoil under different flight conditions in a transonic flight regime are investigated to validate the proposed approach.
The Advanced Airfoil Components manufacturing facility will lead to the creation of 350 new jobs with an investment of approximately $139 million.
Simulation using Qblade software was done to test the performance of the airfoil designs.
Using an airplane wing as an example--known as an airfoil--any change in the shape, weight or velocity of that airfoil will change its path.
Most blades available for commercial-grade wind turbines incorporate airfoil shaped cross sections.
For example, the airfoil self-noise is one of the main noise sources which is induced by the interactions between the airfoil blade and the turbulence flow produced by its own boundary layer and near wake [1].
The CAB methodology was first proposed by Li [5] where it was used to identify the sources of trailing edge noise for the NACA 0012 airfoil. However, in this application, Li used the methodology to compute only one acoustic map at 800 Hz.