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the flow of air

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Figure 3 shows the part-load performance of an ECM FPTU at different airflows and static pressures.
In VAV AHU systems, airflow measurements are becoming increasingly important for reliable energy efficient operations.
The potential impact of this retrofit on ventilation rates and airflow patterns is considered where appropriate.
After 360 calculations (rotation in 360[degrees] step by 5[degrees] in each position by airflows of 5 different speeds), the set values mentioned in chapter 1 are received.
Then, these solved airflows are used in the energy balance equation to calculate the correction term [DELTA][T.
The IonRinse system incorporates powerful AC ionisation, a custom designed airflow distributor and high quality inline filtration.
Most system, rack- and room-level cooling issues are created due to insufficient airflow or inadvertent mixing of hot and cold air.
Up until now, the biggest reason for this lack of information has been the difficulty of studying airflow, which is both invisible and unpredictable.
The tool, Loop Design and Analysis (LoopDA), is integrated with NIST's existing multizone airflow analysis program, CONTAMW.
Established for over two decades, with ISO 9001 quality assurance and a highly skilled 50 strong workforce, Airflow of Sheffield has become the UK's leading manufacturer of Industrial Ovens and Spray Booths for product finishing applications, with a name that is renowned for products of the highest quality and operating performance.
The basic difference between left- and right-nostril sniffs depends on airflow, explains Noam Sobel of Stanford University.
In hospitals, we design in Phoenix products today because we know they have the highest VAV turndown ratio for energy conservation, and reliable pressurization is never an issue with lower airflows.
2005) used a commercial flow hood to measure tile airflows in developing a model for leakage flow through raised-floor systems.
This method is not perfectly accurate over the entire range of airflows, since damper performance is nonlinear.
In general, the number of interzonal airflows in a building with N physical zones is N(N-1).