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the flow of air

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Design Airflows Based on Heating Loads for Each Zone and City City Design Airflow, [ft.sup.3]/min ([m.sup.3]/s) Space 1-1 Space 2-1 Space 3-1 Space 4-1 Houston, TX 1764 (0.83) 292 (0.14) 1783 (0.84) 294 (0.14) Phoenix, AZ 1239 (0.58) 162 (0.08) 1258 (0.59) 164 (0.08) Chicago, IL 2913 (1.37) 390 (0.18) 2955 (1.39) 389 (0.18) New York, NY 2335 (1.10) 304 (0.14) 2352 (1.11) 318 (0.15) San Francisco, CA 1198 (0.57) 176 (0.08) 1215 (0.57) 179 (0.08) City Design Airflow, [ft.sup.3]/min ([m.sup.3]/s) Space 5-1 Houston, TX 158 (0.07) Phoenix, AZ 138 (0.07) Chicago, IL 230 (0.11) New York, NY 141 (0.07) San Francisco, CA 131 (0.06) Table 6.
The current CFD study analyzes the behavior of semi-unidirectional airflows with a simple setup involving a single panel diffuser, a table, heat source, and two symmetric exhaust grills on opposite walls.
(4) In the cooling mode, with the fan off, the high leakage unit averaged nearly 12% leakage of primary airflow while the smallest varied from 1% to 3%.
The results of tests on flow rates in 8-channel device obtained by regulating incoming and outgoing airflows with cylindrical curvilinear semi-rings are presented in Figure 4.
After 360 calculations (rotation in 360[degrees] step by 5[degrees] in each position by airflows of 5 different speeds), the set values mentioned in chapter 1 are received.
A powerful fan system moves air past the object; the fan must have straightening vanes to smooth the airflow.
A tuning step (iteration), in general, involves measurement of certain airflows, updating of the model with the measured data, and comparison of the predicted flow directions with those observed in the actual building.
The IonRinse system incorporates powerful AC ionisation, a custom designed airflow distributor and high quality inline filtration.
Up until now, the biggest reason for this lack of information has been the difficulty of studying airflow, which is both invisible and unpredictable.
The tool, Loop Design and Analysis (LoopDA), is integrated with NIST's existing multizone airflow analysis program, CONTAMW.
Established for over two decades, with ISO 9001 quality assurance and a highly skilled 50 strong workforce, Airflow of Sheffield has become the UK's leading manufacturer of Industrial Ovens and Spray Booths for product finishing applications, with a name that is renowned for products of the highest quality and operating performance.
Researchers have known for more than 100 years that nostril airflows differ, notes Sobel.
To illustrate why the total and secondary airflows are nonlinear for the temperature control approach, consider a system that has a 55[degrees]F (12.8[degrees]C) primary air temperature.
Sign conventions: All airflows have a positive sign, except for the room offset airflow, which may be positive (for positively pressurized lab) or negative (for negatively pressurized lab).
As pressure differences drive airflows, these measured pressures provide an indication of the drivers that are creating the measured airflow patterns.