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the flow of air

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When the damper angle was in the region below 10[degrees], a small change in the damper angle would cause a significant change in airflows.
After 360 calculations (rotation in 360[degrees] step by 5[degrees] in each position by airflows of 5 different speeds), the set values mentioned in chapter 1 are received.
A powerful fan system moves air past the object; the fan must have straightening vanes to smooth the airflow.
In contrast, linear relationships between contaminant concentration and airflows were utilized to develop a simplified inverse model in this article.
These scatter plots allow for a simple visualization of how varying one condition impacts the magnitude and direction of the airflows.
The calibration procedure involves (1) developing the initial, untuned model from construction documents; (2) measuring interzonal airflow directions in the building and comparing them to the simulated ones, thereby establishing the initial value of the evaluation metric; (3) taking measurements of airflows in the building guided by the locations of incorrect interzonal airflow directions (initially, step 3 may also include measurements of other parameters, such as envelope leakage, depending on time, cost, and interest or need to know their actual values); (4) recalculating the metric and assessing progress; and (5) repeating steps 3 and 4 until satisfactory agreement is achieved, improvement plateaus, or all possible measurements have been taken.
The IonRinse system incorporates powerful AC ionisation, a custom designed airflow distributor and high quality inline filtration.
Most system, rack- and room-level cooling issues are created due to insufficient airflow or inadvertent mixing of hot and cold air.
Up until now, the biggest reason for this lack of information has been the difficulty of studying airflow, which is both invisible and unpredictable.
The tool, Loop Design and Analysis (LoopDA), is integrated with NIST's existing multizone airflow analysis program, CONTAMW.
The basic difference between left- and right-nostril sniffs depends on airflow, explains Noam Sobel of Stanford University.
The use of high-pressure cleaning allows these baghouses to operate at increased airflows compared to baghouses using medium-pressure cleaning.
In hospitals, we design in Phoenix products today because we know they have the highest VAV turndown ratio for energy conservation, and reliable pressurization is never an issue with lower airflows.
Air curtains are used to eliminate airflows through doorways (doorway tightness), which are affected by jet discharge momentum flux and nozzle design parameters.
Multi-zone airflow network models, such as CONTAM (Walton and Dols 2008), COMIS (Feustel 1999), and other solution methods (Herrlin and Allard 1992), predict building airflows without solving energy equation.